Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Fons Indict Union President 

The Fons registered their complaint at the Sub-divisional Fons Union’s General Assembly.
They said Fon Chefon had outlived his usefulness in the office and had never called any meeting, thus frustrating their ambitions. They also accused the President for nonchalance and for going to slumber, giving way to many loopholes.

As a result, they affirmed that they were obliged to overhaul the Union.Misaje Mayor, Simon Nkenda Sunday, appreciated the summoning of the meeting. He said he had been worried about the reluctance and the lackadaisical manner towards their Union.

Meanwhile, the Misaje Divisional Officer, DO, for Misaje in, Ungitoh Zachary Cheikoh, took time to drill the traditional rulers of on their obligations.Referring them to the law guiding chieftaincy matters, the DO reminded the Fons that the administration does not enthrone traditional rulers.

He told them that although they were proposed for administrative acknowledgement by the kingmakers, it was incumbent on them to cooperate with the administration, because the government recognises them as a strong arm of the administration.

He equally advised them to put up appropriate documents for their classification or reclassification and their due entitlements.The DO schooled the Fons on the "dos" and "don’ts" as per the regulations concerning chieftaincy. He preached love, unity and social justice among the Fons and their subjects.

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