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Fons Ordered Out Of CPDM Elections 

By Chris Mbunwe

Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, Chairman, Paul Biya, has warned Fons nursing ambitions to be elected Section Presidents, to keep their distance from the on-going reorganisation of party structures nationwide.

Presiding at the installation of Divisional Coordinators of the CPDM in the Northwest Region at the Bamenda Congress Hall on October 10, the leader of the Central Committee Delegation to the Northwest, Chief Dion Ngute, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations, In Charge of the Commonwealth, dished out the do’s and don’ts, stating, emphatically, that no Fon should be seen gunning for any post.

The Fons were not only warned to steer clear of the election, but also for them to avoid influence-peddling. Those rich elite with money handy to buy votes were told not to dare, and that no campaign posters should be seen anywhere.Heavy sanctions await fraudsters, the Central Committee delegate cautioned CPDM militants.

Dion Ngute reminded his comrades that gone are the days when CPDM used to win elections without putting enormous efforts.

“Our party wants to put credible people so that it remains the strongest vibrant party in the Northwest and Cameroon. As such, fraud will not be tolerated.He said the party hierarchy realised that in the past, delegates tasked to carry out the exercise got down the field and caused a lot of confusion as they tried as much to position favourites and dump others.

He told the Divisional Coordinators he was installing that, they have as mission; “only to accompany the militants to make meaningful choices of their local party leaders, not to impose any candidate.”

Dion Ngute, cautioned those who the party refers to as; ” Charge des Missions” to take any electoral disputes and quarrels to hierarchy, not to go and be dishing out lessons on how the elections should be run.

“Our objective is to leave the Northwest Region, after this exercise, a stronger and more vibrant CPDM party. Be reminded that every action taken by you should be geared towards uniting militants, “Ngute averred.

He said the issue of illegibility and residence, in cases where the candidate has in the past shown his viability and has been useful to the party, should be well studied and preference given to those that can sacrifice for the party, even if they do not have permanent residence in the area.

He then installed former Minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, to take charge of Menchum Division; Uphie Chinje Melo, Bui; CalistusFuh Gentry, Ngoketunjia; Francis Fai Yengo, Mezam; Ndifontah Nyamndi, Momo, Hon. Njingum Musa, Donga Mantung and Hon. Fidelis Nji, Boyo Division.

Fons React

Fon Charles MbahNyamsig of Guzang

“I see a lot of sense in restricting Fons from running for elections, because most of these Fons have been disgraced by their subjects. What I do not understand is why the President should ban 1stand 2nd Class Fons from running for elections and allow 3rd Class Fons to. “You will bear with me that, as soon as these 3rd Class Fons pick up Section PresidentPositions; they will start mixing-up traditional rule and politics, which is not proper for our fondoms. To me, every Fon should steer clear of politics.”

Fon Martin Fobuzie Asanji Of Chomba

“I thank President Biya for the move; it will take Fons out of the unnecessary wrangling with elite and subjects who are vying to be Section Presidents.I have always argued that Fons should not take part in politics by standing elections with their subjects, but that they should remain at the background and play advisory roles to the politicians; be they of the opposition or ruling party.

So, President Biya seems to be like pulling the Fons out of the political arena. To me, the President knows that since the Regional House of Assembly will soon come up, we shall have our quota at that level. That is where, we, as colleagues,will play our own politics, not to go climbing podiums in public to campaign and run for elections.During the last Senatorial elections, he used his fiat and appointed some of the Fons and Chiefs as Senators”.

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