Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Form III Student Collapses After Snake Bite 

A class three student of Government Technical High School Kumbo, Kumbo Subdivision, reportedly collapsed after a snake bit him at about 7 pm on May 4.

Reports say Eric Kenyuyfon and his younger brother Norbert Kongnyuy were passing by the Subdivisional Office to un-tether their uncle’s goats, one Silas Kindzeka, when Kenyuyfon felt a sharp object pierce his foot. 

According to Kongnyuy, his brother collapsed and was almost dying. 

He said he raised an alarm and tied his brother’s foot with his belt while they waited for help.

Fortunately for them, a nurse who lives nearby came out and administered snake bite antidote.

Kenyuyfon was immediately rushed to the Kumbo Subdivisional Hospital where he is responding to treatment

By Peter Adi Fonte


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