Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Former Ndop DO Laid To Rest 

By Willibroad B. Nformi

Former Divisional Officer, DO of Ndop Central Sub-Division in Ngoketunjia Division, Pius Bongmuyong, has been laid to rest at his Romajai residence Kumbo.

Bongmuyong, 49, who died on August 31 after a protracted illness, was buried on Saturday, September 11. In a homily delivered at the Kumbo Cathedral Church, one of the co-celebrant Priests said human beings often neglect their souls, which he said was the only thing that will accompany them to the world hereafter.

He said every other worldly thing will remain on earth. The Calasan Priest said sin does not automatically delineate human beings from their creator as there is the possibility of repentance. "Most Saints in heaven were sinners who had recognised their sins and had repented," the Priest said.

Sobbing, the fallen civil administrator’s mother, Regina Mainsa, said, "Pius, how on earth could I bring you into the world knowing you were to bury me but as God will do his things, I found out I was the one burying you. How could you be leaving me all alone with your children?" Born on May 16, 1961 at Shiy, Jakiri Sub-Division, Bui Division, Bongmuyong became a civil administrator in 1986 after graduating from the School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM Yaounde.

Before his death he had served as DO in Blanoua, Ngie in Momo, Mbiame in Bui, Njinikom in Boyo, and Ndop in Ngoketunjia where he fell sick in 2007. Bongmuyong leaves behind his mother to whom he was the only child, his wife Caro, two sons Ken and Vincent, two daughters Prudencia and Nerosa, a host of friends and well wishers to mourn him.

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