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Four Exiled For Alleged Witchcraft 

By Wamey Panky

The Kwifon Society, the highest traditional body of Binshua Village in Nkambe Central Sub-Division of Donga-Mantung Division recently banished four of their indigenes for witchcraft practices. The four, Nformi Koffa (50), James Nyap (60), Bernadette Bari (35) and Ndupuh (32) were exposed publicly as witches and wizards who have been responsible for the death and mishaps of some indigenes.

The incidence that led to the banishment was the death of a certain Ebenezer Nkoh, a motor-bike rider who died in an accident in Nkambe. According to the Kwifon society, the four were the main suspects for Ebenezer Nkoh’s death. After exposing them to the Binshua public, the Kwifon gave them two days to quit the village.

The youth of the village who were infuriated not only about the death of one of them but that witchcraft practices were on the rise and retarding their development, told the Kwifon that two days was too long a time to host the witches and wizards in the village. The youth decided that the suspects had to leave immediately. The witchcraft suspects were seriously beaten by the youth and escorted far off out of the villager and told never to return.

A few days later, Bernadette Bari requested the intervention of the law at the Nkambe Gendarmerie. She reported the battery she received from the Binshua youth, and the public shame on her. While investigations are still going on, the Nkambe Gendarmerie authorities as well as the Nkambe Central administration has faulted the youth and the Kwifon Society for taking the laws into their hands.

Addressing the Binshua youth on the matter, the Donga-Mantung Divisional Vice President of the Cameroon National Youth Council, CNYC, Michael Njeta Ta-Nformi, while blaming the youth for acting in illegality, cautioned them on the law. He advised that cases of suspected witchcraft should rather be reported to the forces of law and order; the judiciary and or the administration.

The CNYC vice President further advised the youth that rather than use their God-given energy in fighting or flogging other people, they should use it on tilling the soil. He then counseled the youths to form common initiative groups in order to benefit from the fabulous sums of money the government has left at the disposal of the youths for self sustainability and fight against poverty.

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