Monday, May 27, 2019
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‘Francophone’ Anglophone Refugees Begin Returning Home 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Escapees of a Friday April 13 fracas pitting the military and suspected separatists along the villages of Ediki and Bombe in Bakundu, in Meme Division have begun returning home after one week of relief in Mbanga, Littoral Region.

Pockets of those who sort refuge in the train town of Mbanga have been spotted returning to their homes. Ediki in particular which gave up its agricultural beauty due to insecurity is gradually regaining steam.

The villagers are returning home on the backdrop of a return to normalcy in the road axis. Calm is said to have also been the reason why inter urban transport between Kumba –Douala and Kumba-Buea has since the incident been flowing unperturbed.

Reports of such serene traffic flow is said to have partly encouraged the displaced to regain their homes and go about their normal activities.

When The Post visited the village, life was fast picking steam but the villagers around remained vigilant. None of the persons we encountered was willing to open up on the situation of life in the once vibrant village.

Mbanga Hospitality

On the day hell broke loose over Ediki, the Mbanga administration came to the aid of the stranded villagers. The Divisional Officer for Mbanga, Amstrong Voh rallied his close aids. The CPDM party house was used as a temporal site to host the displaced families.

Since that Friday, the families have been surviving on the goodwill of the Mbanga population and other concerned Non-Governmental Organisations, NGO’s.


On that Friday, suspected separatists surfaced around Ediki and Bombe-Bakundu. They are said to have seized a vehicle and blocked traffic into and out of Kumba. Few hours into the evening, it was a heavy contingent of security forces that sped pass Kumba from the Mbonge road end.

Minutes later, news emerge that, ‘odeshi boys’ had stroke around Ediki. Exchange of gun fire ensued. The consequence was panic that triggered the villagers in to swamps and ultimately hundreds boarded the train for Mbanga. Same day, military action resulted in the restoration of traffic.

Even corpses that were held in the cross fire only continued to their final resting place after the security operation. Since the incident, Ediki and its neighbouring villages have remained calm.

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