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French Police To Quiz Eto’o Over Nude Photos Of Ex-girlfriend 

By Basil K. Mbuye
The long verbal battle that has been going on between former Chelsea man, Samuel Eto’o, and his ex-girlfriend, Nathalie Koah, seems to have taken a new twist as it is alleged that he will be quizzed by French police.
According to an English tabloid, The Mirror, cites reports in France where a Parisian judge has ruled that there are grounds to investigate the 33-year-old over claims that he published pictures on social networking websites.
In accordance with the complaint filed in Paris by Nathalie Koah, she is accusing Eto’o of posting “indecency, human trafficking, publishing obscene content, pimping, threats, blackmail and false declarations.”
Back in May 2014, according to idaptvcongo.com, DR Congo’s Fally Ipupa, was blamed by many Cameroonian media sites after he allegedly published naked pictures of his girlfriend and Samuel Eto’o‘s ex-girlfriend for seven years, Hélène Nathalie Koah. The website goes further to say that most sites have confirmed the girl in question formerly dated Cameroon striker, Eto’o, but she dumped him for Fally last year. Nathalie Koah was recently fired from her job at the Cameroon Airport Corporation, Camair-Co and reports say she has been hospitalised due to the trauma from the nude photos publication.
The idaptvcongo.com site goes on: “In an exclusive interview with a Cameroonian blogger back in 2013, Hélène revealed her break-up from Eto’o wasn’t peaceful. She said the footballer was angry when she told him off but also told her, “Excuse me, it was I who made ??you, I will be the one who will defeat you… You want to leave me today because you now have a job… You always have men who will turn around. It does not happen like that…”
Meanwhile, Cameroonian gospel singer, Maybelle Boma, back in May 2013, posted on Facebook: “Fally Ipupa, you had no right to violate our Cameroonian sister, Hélène Nathalie Koah. Have you ever posted a Congolese girl’s pictures online? How dare you? You are such a cheap and wicked man. When you dated Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari, did you violate her the same way you did to Nathalie? Cameroonian women back home should respect themselves and don’t allow any foreign musician to take advantage of them. Cheap man with no class, that’s who you are, Fally Ipupa”
In July 2014, Nathalie Koah, filed two lawsuits against the player in a Yaounde court after nude photos of her were posted on the Internet. Also, she accused Eto’o of  “human trafficking, indecency, publishing obscene content, pimping, threats, blackmail and false declarations.” 
The second concerns the publication of nude images of Nathalie Koah, which her lawyers say, is an international offence that can be heard in any jurisdiction.
Eto’o, however, broke silence when he said Nathalie Koah was just steering a smear campaign against him after he discovered she had misappropriated huge sums of money he gave her to set up a charity.
According to AfricaReview, Eto’o, on his facebook page in June 2014, said Nathalie Koah mismanaged FCFA 200 million which he gave her to set up a foundation and a shop where his products under his label would be sold to fans at reduced costs, the footballer claimed. None of that was done, he said.
However, Nathalie Koah’s lawyers said their client refuted the allegations. Still on AfricaReview, following Eto’o’s complaint, Nathalie Koah was arrested but released after several days in police custody, according to local media reports.
The fact that such allegations are coming at the time that the 33-year-old striker is at the brink of getting a new contract with either Liverpool or Ajax, might cause a major setback in his career.

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