Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Fru Ndi Re-elected Northwest Candidate For National Chairmanship 

By Chris Mbunwe& Glory Mbuwil

National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi

“I have accepted wholeheartedly to be your flagbearer at the forthcoming National Convention of the SDF, slatedfor February 21-23, 2018, in Bamenda. I thank the Regional Chairman of the Northwest, Hon. Evaristus Njong and his team for organising this Regional Conference that brought together more than 550 delegates who took part in selecting, not only me, but a host of others to go and contest for the various posts at the Convention.

Thank you immensely for, once more, bestowing your confidence on us. We are going to face other candidates, so, keep praying for us to enter the National Executive Committee, NEC.”

That was an acceptance speech from SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, on Saturday January 20, at the Big Mankon Cathedral Hall Bamenda, where the Regional Conference held.

Some 16 members were equally elected to enter the race for the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the party.All the 16 different offices had one candidate each, only the post of the National Organising Secretary was contested.

Advice Regarding CPDM

Earlier, in his address, Fru Ndi said 2018 is a year of elections into party organs as well as national elections.

“Being an election year, there is panic and confusion everywhere, including the SDF. But, you know, the CPDM is fighting us. So, my humble appeal to you is that when people are fighting you, you should not fight them,”he cautioned.

Fru Ndi recalled that the SDF did not declare war in 1992 when his victory was stolen by the CPDM.
“They seized our victory and we did not go to war. Today, we are at a loss when, for instance, lawyers and teachers demand from Government good working conditions, the Prime Minister is sent to discuss and the next day they are arresting the same people they want to discuss with.

They are on the wrong …and because of all this, Mr. Biya declare war on his own people!” He lamented the fact that they are killings still going on in the Southwest Region.

After chanting with the population the song the SDF MPs sang disrupting Parliament some few weeks back, [You will get tired killing us] Fru Ndi said: “If they will be tired of killing us, it is because we are more determined than ever. The SDF has gone through the valleys of death, but we have not given up because the Lord was and is still with us”, he averred.

He condemned the use of arms against civilians and the military, saying that the fight that is going on in the two Anglophone Regions will be won with the mouth. Hear him: “As much as I condemn the killings of gendarmes, I also condemn the killing of our own children; the uniform is not a license for killing but to protect us. We will not give up”

While asking parents to send their children to school, Fru Ndi indicated that in every domain in society, educated people are needed. He added that children going to school meansthat the struggle they have started will be continued by those children at a higher level.

“Please I want children to go to school, I condemn strongly the idea that children should not go to school; I am saying this in tears,” he averred.

Preparedness for Convention

The Regional Chairman of the party, Hon Evaristus Njong Ndim, stated the readiness of the party, saying thatthey are mobilising, coming up with commissions and task force to educate, especially the youths.
“We believe that with free and fair election, if we massively register and vote and defend our victory, we will definitely get to Yaounde.”

Resolutions adopted at the end of the conference: to counter all forms of electoral fraud, the regional bureau to be mobilised and to sensitise people of voting age to register massively on the electoral list, call on militants to freely donate to Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria and to support party funds by regularly paying dues.