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Fru Ndi Reacts To SDF Secretary General’s Resignation 

At the beginning of the NEC meeting of February 14 in Bamenda, the SDF National Chairman, in his opening remarks, acknowledged receipt of Tamajong’s resignation letter and expressed thanks for the job she did for the party.
“I have every reason to thank her and I wish her well,” he stated indicating, however, that the resignation did not come as a surprise to him, considering a series of letters he has been receiving of recent from the outgone SDF Scribe.

He talked of the most recent of such letters being one informing him (Fru Ndi) that she was moving out of the country to attend a workshop from February 7 to 14, 2015, in Botswana. Fru Ndi said the letter got to him only on February 14 and wondered aloud whether the erstwhile SG was simply informing him or was writing to request for permission. He said the forthcoming 25th anniversary of the party is an important date, remarking that at 25, the SDF should grow stronger. The Chairman added that at 25, he will not accept to continue to see people pointing fingers at his mouth for not doing this or that. Fru Ndi said a majority of such letters on issues such as the non construction of a party secretariat addressed to him, amongst others, come from the USA.

“So, we have to engage operation build a secretariat which will be decided by you for me to endorse.” According to him, the change the SDF has been clamouring for in Cameroon can only be effected with the contributions of everybody. He disclosed that he has been invited to attend a meeting of the Central Africa Economic Community on peace and security in Yaounde on February 16, 2015. According to the SDF National Chairman, the invitation came because of the criticisms he directed at President Paul Biya where he said when it comes to issues of security, it should not be treated as a CPDM affair but rather all segments of the society should be involved. While wishing members of the SDF to move to higher heights in 2015, he stated that after the two-day NEC meeting, the resolutions reached would positively touch on the lives of Cameroonians.

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