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Fru Ndi Warns Biya: Calling Early Election Will Cause War 

By Chris Mbunwe

The SDF National Chairman, John Fru Ndi, has warned Biya not to tinker with the constitutional provisions again, for this will unleash unimaginable social unrest that will lead to wanton killing of peace-loving Cameroonians.
To him, it is inexplicable that there is so much hysteria about an event, which is virtually three years away.

This to Fru Ndi is nothing but an act of provocation from sycophants and irresponsible power mongers
The SDF Chair was addressing SDF Mayors who thronged his Ntarinkon residence on February 6, 2016.
According to him, he requested the Ministers of Defence and Territorial Administration to emphasise to Biya not to call any early election as it was certain to plunge Cameroon into civil war.
Fru Ndi had met the Ministers at the Bamenda Airport in Bafut before they took off for Yaounde after their visit to Wum.

According to Fru Ndi, Cameroon’s topmost priority now is the insecurity in the Far North and East Regions where children are not attending school and businesses have slumped because of Boko Haram insurgency, coupled with the influx of refugees into Cameroon.

“I told these Ministers to tell Biya to halt the flow of motions of support calling for him to stand for the 2018 election. To me, these are deceitful calls and if he insists on heeding to these calls then, Cameroon will be ungovernable.

“Let him be bold enough to tell these overzealous CPDM militants to stop this nonsense, because, it is unconstitutional,” said the SDF National Chairman.
He praised the Mayors for their initiative to commune with him at the beginning of the New Year and exhorted them to shun embezzlement, serve Cameroonians without discrimination by offering projects that will benefit all and sundry.

Fru Ndi reiterated that the SDF must relentlessly strive against harbouring opportunists.
He appealed for forgiveness from those he might have unwillingly hurt last year. He also called on those Mayors who, he said, had become a thorn in his flesh and that of the party to also ask for forgiveness.
“Some of you have refused to implement the party’s vision; others exhibit a lot of indiscipline.

Yet, we keep tolerating such misdeeds. All I can say is well done for the work so far and continue to serve Cameroonians diligently,” Fru Ndi told the Mayors.

While reassuring Cameroonians that he will never betray the cause the party stood for at creation, Fru Ndi said: “Let me tell the world that I am as firm, as resolute, as steadfast as I was 25 years ago and this party will never depart from its original goals.”

He urged the Mayors to start cultivating crops with compost manure, not fertilisers or other chemicals, that have made crops to lose their taste.

Earlier, the National Coordinator of SDF Mayors, Donatus Njong Fonyuy, said they came to thank Fru Ndi for what he has done for Cameroon as the ‘Father of Democracy’.

Njong said party instructions will be respected as far as running the Councils is concerned.
“As your first sons and daughters who were sent into the Councils in 1996, we are here to inform you, our Chairman, that during the next council elections, we are going to win a majority of the councils. Mr. Chairman, in this 2016, our wishes are that let all your desires come true and you can always count on us,” Njong stated.

The Mayor of Kumba II was also in attendance and his presence, observers said, indicates that reconciliation is taking place.
It would be recalled that the party chastised him and the Mayor of Tubah for disrespecting the decision of the Investiture Committee that never was in support of the two being voted Mayors.

    One Response to Fru Ndi Warns Biya: Calling Early Election Will Cause War

    1. Don Forbe

      Double Standards to you Pa Fru Ndi.
      a) You are worried that Biya will continue his stay as “president for life” while you are doing the same thing at the helm of SDF.

      b) You insist on “appointing mayors” with your useless Investiture Committee. Kudos to Kumba and Tubah for standing their ground. Those are genuine leaders not you and those stooge mayors you “appointed”


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