Friday, November 16, 2018
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Fundraising To Assuage Tobin Catholic Teachers 

By Peter Adi Fonte — The President of the Bui High Court, Justice Ambrose Forchap, is spearheading a fundraising to assuage the plight of Catholic teachers of Tobin Catholic Parish. Justice Forchap has announced that, in order to put an end to the plight of the teachers, he has set a target of FCFA 1.8 million to be raised on June 15, to liquidate the debts owed them.
He said out of that amount, he and his friends will raise FCFA 650.000. The Judge was speaking during the dedication of the new uniform of the Catholic Action Group known as Chong Group Tobin Parish, last Sunday in the Tobin Catholic Church. 
The Chong Group, which is about 100 years old in the Kumbo Diocese, was one of the first action groups in the Catholic Church the early missionaries used for its evangelisation activities. This was revealed by the Diocesan Chaplain in charge of the Chong Action Groups in Kumbo Diocese, Rev. Father Cyprain Tata, who is also the Catholic Education Secretary for Kumbo Diocese. 
He told the women not to be dead-living Christians but Christians who are living alive with the Christian community in exaltation of God through every action they undertake in the Church, adding that Christianity is not a group but personal relationship with God. 
Father Cyprian Tata urged every Christian to belong to one of the action groups of the Church. He advised the Chong women to make the Chong Group a spiritual one and not a group where they only go to feast. The occasion coincided with offering on behalf of a deceased colleague of Kumbo Prefecture staff, late Larisa Baninla who was a member of that Church, to support development projects of the Catholic Church Tobin. The few staffers raised FCFA 86.000 on that occasion. 
The Second Assistant Prefect for Bui, Brice Meke Olinga, on behalf of the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui, Theophile Nzeki, expressed sincere and profound gratitude to the Immaculate Conception Church Tobin Parish for the moral support given the administration when they lost their staff. 

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