The leaders are Augustine Feh Ndangam for SCAPO, Chief Ette Otun Ayamba for SCNC and Mola Njoh Lithumbe for Southern Cameroons Restoration Government. Meanwhile, the SCNC has hailed the AU for deleting Bakassi from the agenda of its recent Addis Ababa meeting.

In a press release dated February 2, SCNC Vice Chairman, Nfor Ngala Nfor, derides "expansionist La République du Cameroun for sponsoring an agenda item titled "Peaceful Conflict Resolution in Africa, Model of the Bakassi Crisis." 

The release says the Yaounde regime which "danced itself lame before the real dance" wanted to use its Bakassi "victory" to divert both national and international opinion from the real problem on the ground, namely, her annexation and occupation of Southern Cameroons. 
Nfor Nfor claims that La République has no maritime boundary between Nigeria and its territory.

Besides diversion, Nfor Nfor attributes the sponsorship of the Bakassi item to attempts by Biya to portray himself as a hero. Nfor Nfor sees the rejection of the Bakassi item as recognition by the AU of a maritime boundary between La République and Nigeria. 

He castigates La République for going to equity with "bloodstained hands" with her underground cellars filled with skulls of innocent Southern Cameroonians and even Nigerians in Bakassi.

The release calls on ACHPR to honour its pledge and take judicious cognizance of Yaounde’s diabolic efforts to manipulate and violate the African Charter, and make its final ruling on the case between La République and the Southern Cameroons. 

The release further calls on the AU to act expeditiously and in conformity with its Charter, admit Southern Cameroons as a member just as it did to the Western Sahara when it was declared a non-integral part of Morocco.

It ends with a call on the UN to apply preventive diplomacy; the best means of avoiding wars and suffering to end the annexation of Southern Cameroons. Southern Cameroonians at home and abroad are equally called upon to rededicate themselves to the struggle for self-determination and not be part of Biya’s 2011 agenda.