Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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GCE Losing Autonomy! 

By Clement Ngwa Kwang

The public is now aware of certain embarrassments which the GCE Board that they cherish so much is embroiled in. And this is just the smoke which belies the molten fire which boils under the belly of the GCE Board. Although Prof. Asonganyi said in a recent statement that the GCE Board has a bright future, this writer believes that it is the contrary and here is how.

From 1997 when late Dr. Herbert Endeley, from nowhere, got appointed as Chairman of the GCE Board, someone wrote that the Board was going, going and gone. Since then, the independence and autonomy which the Board acquired at inception is fast wearing out.

That independence and autonomy meant that the Board would be managed by private individuals on behalf of the government. But this government, which does nothing, but steal the victories of others, has continued to plant only civil servants at the helm of the Board and it is from them (and only them) that this imbroglio we are witnessing today comes from.

Dr. Omer Yembe came to the Board, bringing along with him some quack examination called BAC in English which the Board has struggled for more than ten years to panel beat into a credible exam and failed. Under Azong Wara such exam would never ever have been introduced. This exam has brought untold confusion into the technical exam which Anglophones want and yet the regime just lets it continue.

The recent appointment of two new Deputy Registrars now means that about 80 percent of all major decisions about the running of the Board will be made by those who are new in the job. The writer is asking why Mr. Victor Nyenty Bayeh, who has served the Board for 17 years and has a Masters Degree, and knows the whither and wherefore of the GCE Board was not promoted to the position of Deputy Registrar… even though he is also a civil servant.

Again, only recently, the appointment of a History teacher, Mr. Sylvester Ngemasong, to replace late Oliver Binda as EO for Technical Exams is another case in point, which shows just how much Anglophones themselves who have become so mixed up with this Francophone method of managing the country operate.

Mr. Ngemasong is a political turncoat who militated in the SDF party for so long and when he ran for the party’s election in his native Alou Subdivision, CPDM thugs rallied them and gave them a good thrashing in the market square before stealing their victory. When things turned sour, he crossed the carpet to the CPDM, and scooped a post with Ivo Leke Tambo as his godfather.

Ngemasong knew absolutely nothing and has received training on the job from Messrs. Martin Mbua and Peter Atemkeng whom he met already running that exam. It is possible that his salary is more than that of Mbua and Atemkeng put together. The trouble that is brewing at the GCE Board can only be blamed on one person alone, Mr. Matthew Akoko, even though he has given a lofty newspaper interview in order to exonerate himself.

Right from the time of Dr. Yembe, the late Mr. Binda kept on insisting that the GCE Board now has an in-house computer engineer who can be used to design and draw the program for the automation of the GCE exams. But this advocacy fell on deaf ears. Rather, a computer company was brought in from Douala which has failed to produce results and yet they cost the Board fabulous sums of money.

It is also in this light that those who have served the Board relentlessly since 1994 have never been promoted. There is no career profile at the Board. And so one comes in as an employer, serves for 30 years and leaves as an employee. I wish to reiterate here that the Board, far from having a bright future, as Professor Asonganyi proposed, is going, going, gone.

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