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GCE Markers Complain of Unpaid Dues after Completing Work 

By Michael Ndi

CameroonPostline.com — The 2600 Ordinary Level and Advanced Level teachers who started marking GCE scripts on June 26 have wrapped up the exercise two weeks after without the payment of their out of station allowance.

Teachers told this reporter that this delay in payment, while not unprecedented, is unusual, and is an abrogation of the terms of the contract between the markers and the GCE Board.

Visibly incensed markers demanded the payment of the allowances, but GCE Board authorities said they were still expecting funds from the State Treasury.

The cross section of the markers who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization, disclosed that the “A” Level markers were given only eight days to finish the  marking exercise while “O” Level markers were given seven days even when the authorities knew they could not complete the marking exercise within so limited a time.  That was the reason why all the markers ended marking on Wednesday July 11, after two weeks of marking.

The markers have so far received remuneration only for the marking proper, and they were paid according to the number of scripts marked. Each Ordinary Level script marked was paid for just 200 FCFA and Advanced Level script for 270 FCFA.

The markers complained that they spent much to pay hotel bills and for their feeding within the two weeks, and the meager amounts they have been paid do not offset their expenses, and definitely will not cover their cost of the bus tickets back home. They said some of them had to take loans from financial institutions to enable them settle hotel and feeding bills.

A senior examiner told this reporter that results of the 2012 session of the GCE are scheduled to be released in the last week of July.

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