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Girl Drugs Boyfriend, Vamooses With Property 

By Wamey Panky — A girl whose only name The Post got as Cynthia, recently reportedly drugged her boyfriend, Fred Njang, and vamoosed with property worth over FCFA 600.000.

The incident occurred in Nkambe, Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region.
Njang, a technician with Donga Mantung Community Radio, DMCR, said on that fateful day, Cynthia visited him as usual, but complained that for sometime he wasn’t satisfying her sexually. Njang said she then proposed a drug to fortify him for a veritable sexual encounter.

He recounted that Cynthia went to a pharmacy and bought some 10 tablets and asked him to swallow them all. Njang said he swallowed the pills without suspecting that they were sleeping
pills.  He said, after he took the pills, both of them lay in bed, with Cynthia caressing him. Then he fell into a deep sleep.

He said when he came to at about 11 pm after being drugged at 1 pm, he discovered that Cynthia had gathered his dresses, a video camera, phone and several other items, and vamoosed, locking the door from outside.

Njang said it was a friend who had come to his house twice, who forced one of the windows open and saw him lying in bed motionless. He said the friend called for other friends who broke open the door and forced him to wake up from the slumber.

Njang said he was confused but he finally got a motorcycle with a friend and rushed to Cynthia’s house just to discover that she had packed out.  They then proceeded to her Wat village where they were told that she had been in the village briefly and was seen with some luggage.

Njang said they followed her to Ndu town where they saw her name on a passenger list at the park indicating that she had travelled to Mutengene in the Southwest Region. He said one of Cynthia’s relatives facilitated the recovery of his video camera, while efforts are being made to recover all of his property in her keeping.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01360


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