Ambazonia is the name given to the Southern Cameroons by organisations that struggle for the dissolution of the 1961 union of the Southern Cameroons with La Republique du Cameroun. The name Ambazonia was first used in 1984 by Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka, (QC), when the Parliament and Government of the Republic of Cameroon changed the name of the country from the "United Republic of Cameroon" to pre-reunification name of the French Cameroun, the "Republic of Cameroun".

In the view of some observers, particularly in the English-speaking Cameroon, this meant dissolution of the 1961 union. It was in this light that beginning in 1984, Ambazonia, was declared to represent an intervention of the people of Southern Cameroons to return the Statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons territory. The leader of the "Ambazonia Republic", on what he considers the silver jubilee of the "Republic", addresses this message to The Nation and People of Ambazonia.

Fellow Ambazonians, fellow children of God;
25 years ago this 11th day of November, the Republic of Cameroon accorded Ambazonia legislative recognition as a sovereign nation. On this day the Parliament of the Republic of Cameroon adopted the call by the President of Cameroon Parliament Hon Solomon Tandeng Muna for a conference where Cameroon and Ambazonia would meet on the basis of mutual sovereign equality as they did at the Foumban Conference in 1961. But this time the conference would be to work out an orderly disengagement in compliance with the restoration law 84/01 that has dissolved Ambazonian-Cameroon Union.

On this silver jubilee we need to focus on the methodology of enforcing law against the lawless persons who to this day arrest, detain, maim, and kill many Ambazonians for seeking no other thing than compliance with law 84/01; this law has been fortified by subsequent legal measures which demand of the President of the Republic of Cameroon to withdraw from Ambazonia totally and unconditionally.

In this connection our attention is drawn to inimical activities what is called the anglofool; believing that he is a Cameroonian, he sleeps at night thinking only of what to do to exhibit his zeal of loyalty to the Yaounde clique of rogues, which is pillaging and looting the Ambazonian oil wealth, which accounts for 97 % of the external revenue of Cameroon. One such anglofool got the former Ambazonian acting Foreign Minister Justice Muluh Mbuh, arrested and charged with a newly created crime called secession. Among the exhibits collected from the accused was a magazine called AMBAZ STAR.

The anglofool (a State Counsel though) has now excluded the magazine from the prosecution because facts and law contained in that magazine prove that the offence for which the anglofool is charging Justice Mbuh does not even exist. Pages 15 &16 of the AMBAZ STAR are herewith attached so as to complement this 25th anniversary address. Page 15 includes the decision of the United Nations Human Rights Committee case Gorji-Dinka-v-Cameroon.
The UNHRC summary is:
(i). that URC law 84/01 dissolved the union that had comprised Ambazonia and Cameroon since October 1961

(ii). that the occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroon is a violation of law 84/01 as well as  international law; (for the United Nations recognizes the entity called Republic of Cameroon as French Cameroon while Ambazonia is English Cameroon and is a sovereign nation distinct from French Cameroon).

(iii). that the call by Fon Gorji-Dinka on President Paul Biya to withdraw from Ambazonia is a call for compliance with the URC law 84/01 as well as international law, and
(iv). that by responding to this call with the arrest, detention, prosecution and house arrest etc which forced Fon Gorji-Dinka into exile, Cameroon has rendered itself guilty of violating several articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The UNHRC accordingly ordered Cameroon
a. to provide an effective remedy to the situation
b. to give assurance that it would never again recur, and
c. to pay Fon Gorji-Dinka compensation for losses & damages caused.  Quite reluctantly the Cameroon government has acknowledged the binding force of the UNHRC decision and has been engaged in working out the modalities for implementing same.

It is therefore a sorry case that while the Cameroon government is working on the modalities of complying with exactly what Justice Muluh Mbuh represents, an anglofool in the Bamenda Legal department is treating what Justice Mbuh represents as a crime of secession. Even a layman knows that there is no territory inside French Cameroon called Ambazonia which Justice Mbuh is trying to cut off. 

So that anglofool must be so blinded with his zeal to prove his loyalty to the Yaounde clique of rogues, that he does not realize that he risks becoming personally liable in a civil claim for the malicious prosecution. But that is the anglofool true to type. You will find him in Ambazonian grounds; in the Yaounde regime (as a minister, an MP, a governor, a director); in Diaspora; and even on the internet. Yes, those are the types which anti apartheid South African youths decorated with burning tires as neck lacing.

Compatriots it is not their fault, for the Lord God who initiated Ambazonia’s Liberation struggle (and will give us victory sooner than later), is the cause and effect of all things. He has given you the Ambazonian patriot and the anglofool traitor assignments. And to every assignment He has attached a befitting reward; which would come true in the fullness of His time and in His usually mysterious ways. To Him be thanks, glory and honour in the name and through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ; now and forever more. AMEN!

Fongum Gorji-Dinka
Head of State