Sunday, October 25, 2020
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By Marriane Tabi Enow — MPs, Government officials and leaders of political parties have been called upon to ensure that at least 15 percent of the State Budget is allocated to the health sector.

This is in a bid to improve on the health and socio-economic situation of Cameroonians. The call was made during a press conference on November 27 in Yaounde, organised by Positive-Generation, 15 percent coalition and other civil society organisations. The conference, aimed at stirring up Parliamentarians and government officials to adhere to the Abuja declaration of July 2001, had as objective to ameliorate health care services in Cameroon, and increase resources in the health sector.

Presenting the Abuja declaration, the Executive Director of Positive-Generation, Fogue Foguito, said Cameroon’s health budget allocation still stands at 5.9 percent, 11 years after signing the Abuja declaration which stipulates that governments should allocate 15 percent of the State budget to the health sector. He argues that Cameroon’s health system still suffers from insufficient human resources, insufficient information and financial resources, and feeble dispensation of the available financial resources.

Fogue said health is an absolute priority as it brings growth to a community. “We strongly believe that sustainable investment in health will go a long way to ameliorate productivity, and realise the economic growth we are seeking for. That is why, we call on the Head of Government and MPs to seize the opportunity at this year’s budget session to help in the development and save Cameroonians in their health issues,” he said. To him, allocating 15 percent of the public investment budget to health will have an impact on economic growth and sustainable development in Cameroon.

First published in The Post print edition no 01394