Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Cameroon Government has injected FCFA 34 billion into Cameroon postal services, CAMPOST, to boost its operation. The news was revealed by the Regional Delegate of CAMPOST to the Littoral Region during celebrations marking their 10th anniversary on June 26, 2014.
The anniversary was celebrated with the theme “Assessment and prospects of CAMPOST during our 10 years of operation”. The Regional Delegate, Abubakar Maloum, was optimistic in his speech mainly because the company is about to take a giant step in the process of globalisation, digitisation and computerisation of its services to carry out operations such as e-commerce, e-banking, video conferences, teleconferences, among others. 
"We are already experimenting it internally with surveillance cameras in all of our 264 post offices, and our internal communication system uses direct fiber optics and not CAMTEL, Orange and MTN networks," he said.
This new system of supervision and discipline does not help all 1,118 employees but it is necessary to reach the steps crossed by the Tunisian posts, 26percent, and French 13percent with a service like public-posting, according to Jean-Pierre Tsamo, Chief of sales department.
It remains a big problem for the public to trust CAMPOST because of inconsistencies in operation from the past. Stealing and missing mails of clients have left an indelible mark of mistrust between the public and CAMPOST. Besides the credibility issues, many companies that have closed down due to the economic crisis, did not reimburse what they owe CAMPOST affecting their financial situation hugely.

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