Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Gov’t Delegate Defends Musonge, Inoni, Others At Peace Mission 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Victor Nkele Ngoh, Government Delegate Kumba City Council

It took the intervention of the Kumba Government Delegate, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, to end verbal insults hurled on former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge, by some Kumba youths, as he went preaching Biya’s message of appeasement on Thursday, October 19 in Kumba I.

As team leader of the exercise in Kumba I municipality, the Government Delegate succeeded to calm the irate youths at the Kumba Traditional Council hall as their insults were also directed to former ministers like Chief Emphraim Inoni who is currently serving jail term at Kondengui Prison.

A youth whose name, The Post got only as Dibo, sprang to his feet and opened the Pandora box. Dibo named the former Prime Ministers and others, whom he accused of feeding president Biya with lies that have resulted to the current Anglophone crisis.

A host of other participants raised key issues to the Ngoh Nkelle led team, such as, the urgent need for government to release all those arrested within the context of the Anglophone crisis.

Talking to the Press after the meeting, Ngoh Nkelle said he was a man of frank talk: “I am man of frank talk. I am just delivering what I got from my meetings and I don’t think that it is going to be disputed. I am not here to flatter anybody”, Ngoh retorted.

On how he succeeded in quenching the flaring tempers, he said he was able because he is closer to the population. “I deemed it so necessary, that is why I had the courage to talk to the people because I am the main manager of the town and if the town is not fine, I can’t be fine too. That is why I will always talk and feel that it is right for me to talk,” Ngoh stated.

Everybody Is Needed

According to the Government Delegate, his meetings were unique, given that persons across the political spectrum and other walks of life were invited.

“There were people from the SDF, ANDP at our meetings who were also talking”, he said.
To Nkelle Ngoh, the peace mission was to remind the population on the need to live together thereby fostering national integration and peace.

The Government Delegate held that everybody has the right to feel free in Kumba irrespective of where they originate from.

10 Decentralised Autonomous Regions

The Government Delegate said from their consultations, the people are clamouring for 10 decentralised autonomous regions.

‘‘The people have been talking about 10 decentralised autonomous regions. They want the Head of State to free all those arrested; they need peace because nobody wants war in this country and they also want an end to the incessant ghost towns so that they can go back to their businesses and let the economy flow,” Ngoh declared.

Lawson Tabot Bakia, CPDM Section President for Meme IA told reporters that the Ngoh Nkelle led team has done broad based consultations, void of intimidation.

He affirmed that there has been frank and sincere discussions in line with the instructions given to the elites assigned to the field.

He equally disclosed that a cross-section of the youth are clamouring for a review of the age limit for integration into the Public Service to be reviewed from 32 to 40 years.

It should be noted that on Friday October 20, the Government Delegate held talks with traders of the Kumba main market and, before now, quarter heads and leaders of different syndicates were consulted.