Monday, October 19, 2020
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Gov’t Fact-finding Mission: NW, SW CPDM Elite At Daggers Drawn Over Reports Harmonisation 

By Joe Dinga Pefok


Elite of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, of the Northwest and Southwest Regions, who were dispatched to the Anglophone Regions to soothe their agitating population after the September 22 and October 1 upheavals that left scores of people dead, are on war path over the harmonisation of their respective reports.

During an evaluation meeting by the Northwest Regional Delegation of CPDM elite that held in Bamenda on October 22, the Head of the delegation, Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, said the Northwest Delegation will meet with the Southwest Delegation in Yaounde on Wednesday, October 25, to harmonise the reports of their findings.

Prime Minister Philemon Yang

According to him, after harmonisation, a final report on the fact-finding mission in the two Anglophone Regions will then be forwarded to the CPDM National President, Paul Biya.

But The Post learnt from a dependable source close to the PM that the plan to harmonise the two reports from the Northwest and Southwest delegations, on Tuesday, October 31 in Yaounde, crashed.

According to our source, the CPDM Southwest delegation, led by Former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge, refused to harmonise their report with that of the Northwest Region.

The Southwest delegation insisted that the two reports should be forwarded to hierarchy separately.

Telling Biya What He Likes To Hear

Meanwhile, The Post leant that the inability of the two delegations to harmonise report is due to the fact that some CPDM elite want to distort the hard facts from the field and instead present to Biya what will be pleasing to his ears.

According to our source, those who masterminded the move want the content of their report to be what President Biya wants to see happen.

It would be recalled that upon his return to Yaounde after the fact-finding mission to the Southwest Region, Musonge told the press that a majority of Southwest people want effective decentralisation and not secession or a return to a two State Federation.

President Biya has demonstrated that he is against a return to a two States Federation.
Biya in his December 31, 2016, address to the nation said the form of State is non-negotiable.
Musonge’s declaration about the Southwest population prioritising decentralisation over secession or Federation is certainly what is contained in his report.

Many Anglophones are already expressing misgivings about the reports the two delegations will present to Government.

According to them, the failure of the Northwest and Southwest CPDM elite to harmonise their reports confirms the claims that Anglophone elite based in Yaounde do not always tell the Head of State the truth about the Anglophone Problem.

NW CPDM Elite Demand High Profile Appointments

Besides the call by the Northwest population for President Biya to visit the Northwest and Southwest Regions to address the Anglophone Problem, the appointed of Anglophones to head key ministries is one of the major demands on the Northwest Delegation report.

The demand, which allegedly came from three Divisions, amongst which is Mezam Division, where the CPDM Divisional Coordinator and Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Paul Atanga Nji, hails.
Atanga Nji, has repeatedly declared that there is no Anglophone Problem in Cameroon. But his people are clamouring for appointments of Anglophones in key position.

Political observers are unanimous that the concern of Anglophone is not only marginalisation in appointments, but unfair treatment by the Biya regime in all facets of national life.

2 Reports Deposited At CPDM Headquarters

Meantime, The Post learnt that following the refusal of the Southwest delegation to harmonise their findings with that of the Northwest delegation, both delegations ended up depositing their respective reports at the CPDM Headquarters in Yaounde.

The CPDM Secretary General, Jean Nkuete, was expected to forward the reports to the party’s National Chairman, Paul Biya.

Many are questioning whether the elite went to the Anglophone Regions as CPDM militants or as elite of the two Regions.

This is because though the mission was reportedly ordered by President Biya, the members, of the various delegations, were all CPDM.

The submission of the various reports at the CPDM Party Secretariat has now put these arguments to bed.

Mission Financed By Tax Payers

Meanwhile, rumours have gone viral that the Yang- Musonge-led CPDM delegations to the Anglophone Regions were financed from the State coffers.

The justification initially given for the disbursement of State funds for the fact-finding mission was that the mission was ordered by the Head of State.

Many are now questioning why the Head of State would assign people on a mission and the reports of their findings are instead submitted to the CPDM Secretary General instead of the Presidency of the Republic.