By Chris Mbunwe
Some 21 personnel from the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, recently received labour medals for the services they have rendered to mankind.
The medal award ceremony, which took place at CBC headquarters in Nkwen, gave an opportunity for the Northwest Governor’s representative to congratulate the medal recipients and urged them to continue supporting Government’s endeavours in opening health, education and others facilities.
According to the Governor’s representative, because of the complimenting efforts between the Government and other stakeholders in the health sectors, the HIV prevalence rate in the Northwest Region has dropped drastically.

As per the 2018 figures, women continue to top the HIV chart with a prevalence rate of 5.8 percent, while men recorded 1.6 percent.
The high prevalence of HIV in women was attributed to plethora of factors, which make women vulnerable among which are: the large and tender nature of the anatomy of a woman, the male organ, the penis outer skin is thick and inner part well protected for the passage of urine and sperms.
Speaking to The Post, one of the recipients of the gold medal said “the gold medal I am receiving today is the third in my 25 years of service in the CBC. As boss of Education Board of the CBC, I call on my colleagues to keep trusting God, to work as if today was your last day at your job side and avoid what is unpleasant in God’s eyes. You can receive 10 to 20 medals, but if what you are doing is not pleasing to God, then all what you have been awarded by man will be worthless before God, because God does not value those medals.”