Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Gov’t Surrenders CPDM Party House To Fleeing Anglophones 

By Maxcel Fokwen
The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, has surrendered its party’s house in Mbanga, Moungo Division, Littoral Region to hundreds of families displaced, Friday April 13 following a military campaign against separatists on the Ediki-Bombe Bakundu axis.

Families from these localities in Meme Division, Southwest Region were induced to escape as suspected gunmen reportedly surfaced within the axis, blocking traffic.
When the military intervened, cross fire ensued, triggering fear and mass exodus.
Arriving Mbanga in the afternoon hours of Friday, the Divisional Officer, DO, for Mbanga, Amstrong Buikame Voh, alongside his collaborators came to the aid of the displaced Anglophones.

Buikame announced to the press that a place had been found for the internally displaced to stay void of any disturbance.
It turn out that the site hosting the displaced is the CPM party house.
Within hours same day, the Mbanga administration arranged mattresses and other basic foods to help the people pushed into the Littoral Region following the unpredictable developments of the Anglophone Crisis.
According to the DO, the displaced will be taken care of for the meantime. He assured the people of Government’s resolve to protect them against any form of attack.

Buikame said the concerned will be documented before other actions can advance.
The administrator averred that those who have relatives can only be allowed to go stay with them after proper identification and follow up is done. This, the DO said, is to keep track of all those affected.

Train Saves Population
According to narrations from the displaced, it was a train that facilitated their escape from what sounded like the end of things. One of the victims stated that while in Ediki around 1:00pm that Friday; unknown persons came on motor bikes announcing that trouble was at hand.

The victim said she first took refuge in a swamp, but was forced out of hiding due to the deafening sounds of gunshots.
A mother of twins said she escaped with just with a few belongings without putting on her slippers given the confusion that ripped through Ediki that afternoon.

Victims said they groped in confusion that afternoon. A train on transit facilitated their escape out of the tension that had turned the community into a zone of despair.
Most of those affected in last Friday’s incident are children and women, who seem to have been caught off guard.
The trend of events that afternoon left villages such as Ediki and Bombe deserted.
Scores of vehicles transporting persons and goods to and from Kumba were halted in the wave of the confrontations that erupted that afternoon.

In the evening hours of same Friday, a military campaign restored traffic. Relative calm has returned to the zone. In the current circumstance, it may take an official Government clearance and appeal for the displaced to return home.