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Gov’t Transforms Yaounde Colleges To Absorb Anglophones 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Government has transformed two colleges in Yaounde, hitherto reserved for Francophones, into bilingual schools.
The action is in a quest to ensure that children of Anglophone parents resident in Yaounde have increased access to technical education and professional training as teachers.

Government Bilingual Technical, Commercial and Industrial High School Yaounde, located opposite the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation; and Government Bilingual Teachers’ Training College Yaounde, situated in the Nlongkak neighbourhood have been transformed into bilingual schools.
The information was disclosed to The Post in Yaounde o January 11 by the Member of Parliament, MP, of the Yaounde VI constituency, Hon. Roland Pangmashi.

Hon. Pangmashi, who lobbied in the Ministry of Secondary Education, MINESEC, for the schools to be transformed, told this reporter that the said colleges were expected to open their doors to Anglophone students at the start of the 2018/2019 academic year.

“One of my policies as an Anglophone MP in Mfoundi Division is to bring up proposals to salvage some of the problems being faced uniquely by members of the Anglophone community resident in Yaounde. The case I presented to Government that led to the transformation of the schools was genuine reason why it was promptly approved. I hail Government for listening to my cry and that of the Anglophone community in Yaounde,” he declared to The Post.

The move by Hon. Pangmashi is the second major one after he engineered the creation of the first-ever Government Bilingual Technical College, GBTC, Mewoulou, Etoug-Ebe in Yaounde to carter especially for the technical education needs of young Anglophone children. The school that went operational on September 4, 2017 is running Forms One and Two with about 300 students.

Describing the initiative as ground-braking for Anglophone Cameroonian children in Yaounde pursuing technical education and those who want to be trained as teachers, the MP reiterated that professional training remains the key to all development endeavours. “In the world of today, it is not the certificate that matters, but what one can effectively and practically do. Children trained in technical disciplines can begin supporting themselves and even their families through gainful jobs while still in school,” he maintained.

Hon. Pangmashi said as an MP, it is his duty to make sure that development projects such as schools, water and health centres are provided to the people.
“There has never been any government bilingual technical college or high school in Francophone zone from where Anglophone children could also benefit. So, I lobbied and Government granted GBTC Mewoulou and, today, two other colleges have been transformed into bilingual institutions. My wish is to see Government bilingual technical colleges and high schools created in all the seven subdivisions of Mfoundi,” he stated.

Hon. Pangmashi disclosed that, while the 2017 budget set aside FCFA 700 million for the first phase of the construction project of GBTC Mewoulou, the 2018 budget allocates FCFA 500 million for the construction works to continue. He said the construction of the bridge linking that neighbourhood to the rest of the city is already 60 percent done.

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