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Gov’t Warns Journalists For Dismissing Use Of Documents In French 

By Andrew Nsoseka

Governor of the Southwest Region, Okalia Bilai

Governor of the Southwest Region, Okalia Bilai

Some Journalists in the Southwest Region were invited by the administration and warned against their decision to storm out of any event where documents are in French.

The Regional Delegate of Communication, Rossette Achu, December 13, invited the members of journalists’ trade unions and associations at the instance of the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary and the Governor of the Southwest Region, Okalia Bilai, for publishing a press release stating that they will boycott or storm out of any event organised by the Government if the documents are in French or the speakers use the French Language.

According to the Delegate, the journalists represented by Bouddih Adams of The Post, Kum Leonard and Claudia Nsono of HiTV and Atia Tilarius of The Sun, were planning to join the ongoing strike by Anglophone lawyers and teachers.

The other signatories of the press release resident in Kumba and Limbe, Nyambot Divine and Tarhyang Enowbikah, respectively, could not make it to the meeting because it was called at short notice.

The Delegate mooted that the Governor was a no-nonsense man and his word should be heeded. She said she should have been informed of such a meeting and decision.

The journalists said they could not backpedal on their decision. They asserted that the ball was in the court of the Government and that if the administration does not want them to storm out of events, it should ensure that all documents of events in the Southwest should be translated or have the English version.

The press release was the outcome of a meeting the journalists held on December 10, where they observed that most documents are brought from Yaoundé in French with little or no concern for the English-speaking journalists in the Southwest.

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