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Group Transforms Ekona Computer Access Dream to Reality 

By Joe Ngwenki — In a country where development is skewed in favour of a few big cities, small settlements like Ekona, near Buea, can barely dream of access to computers. But a group known as Ekona Association-United States (EKA-USA), formed by U.S.-based Cameroonians who grew up in that locality, is turning this otherwise pipe-dream into reality.

EKA-USA, inspired by the American Dream, recently launched a project to give the local youth access to computers. The association’s officials believe this is a crucial step in empowering the youth to eventually join the global information superhighway.

The first beneficiaries of this programme are the Catholic and Presbyterian primary schools in Ekona, which received a total of six computers last month from EKA-USA.

School officials were overjoyed with the donation, pointing out that the computers came at a crucial time when questions on basic computer knowledge will be introduced in the First School Leaving Certification Examination.

In a separate project to mobilise and inspire youths in Ekona, EKA-USA in 2010 donated 1 million francs CFA to sponsor an inter-quarter competition in Ekona.

The association was formed in California in 2008 by sons and daughters of Ekona living in the United States. The goals of the Association are: to facilitate advocacy of the village of Ekona, provide humanitarian aid, support education and community building, and to nurture continuous contact among children from Ekona living in the United States.

The Pioneer President is Victor Youmbi. Other members of the Association include, Pascal Degoh, Bernard Fuayah, Christina Youmbi, Evaristus Ndum, William Aminkeng, Dr. Edwin Ndum, Theckla Abang, Dr. Peter Igwacho, Magdaline Degoh, Gerald Nkafu, Solomon Adongeh, Walter Takang, Julius Nkem, and Barristar Benedict Akeh.

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