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Growing Impatience as New Gov 

By Ze Ekanga

Administrative work in Yaounde is witnessing a slowdown and public focus is drifting towards the imminent reorganisation appointment of a new government. At some government ministries, the usual laxity has even doubled and the unwillingness for ministers to take certain engagements even more evident.

At newsstands across Yaounde, most comments from newspaper readers focus on when the ‘bombshell’ will drop and those to be given the marching order out of the ‘lucrative’ government positions. Many are also eager to see how President Biya will use the organisation of a new government to implant a new political orientation.

But public debate and media comments on the matter are mere speculation. President Biya alone retains the secrecy of his political agenda.

“Black Friday for those expecting new government”, Ouest Littoral, a new French language daily published in Douala announced this morning on its cover. In the usual speculative style typical of such stories, the article quoted unnamed sources at the presidency and pointed at not so obvious political signs to suggest that this Friday, 9 December 2011, could be the much awaited doomsday for some.

Ever since President Biya took the oath of office last 3 November for the current 7-year mandate, expectations of a new government have been high especially within the regime. Regime barons have taken to political positioning gimmicks characterised by backbiting, slanderous diatribes, rumour-mongering, mudslinging and bad faith has filled the air. Mystical practices have also reportedly been on the rise.

As has been the tradition for the regime, President Paul Biya organises a new government after every presidential election and appoints political allies, in compensation, to cabinet positions.

Following the unabashed landslide 90% victory in 1997, President Paul Biya signed a single decree organising government and appointing cabinet ministers. But on 8 December 2004, President Biya used three decrees, one organising the structure of government, another appointing a Prime Minister, Head of Government and a third appointing members of government.

Thursday 8 December 2011 marked seven years since the structure of the current government was organised. Several cabinet reshuffles have taken place changing the content of the said government. But will President Biya choose this Friday to create a new government? The answer to that question can only come from the Etoudi Palace occupant himself.

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