Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Gunmen Hide Travellers In Church, Seize 200 Phones 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Photo used for illustrative purpose

Gunmen surfaced around Muyuka on July 4, redirecting hundreds of travellers along the Kumba-Buea Highway into a church under the guise of protecting them from stray bullets, and seized the travellers’ phones.

A victim of the incident told The Post that they ended up spending the night on the church premises. The hundreds of travellers, among them businessmen from Kumba, only continued to their destinations early July 6.

Our source said the gunmen explained to the travellers that their actions were meant to prevent stray bullets from hurting anyone on the road.

He said, after a few minutes in the church house, the gunmen collected hundreds of phones from the travellers. The source said the unknown men explained that they did not want anyone to reach out to Government forces.

However, the source said, though the phones were returned to the owners, others with high quality android phones were convinced to let go of them. Our interviewee said the gunmen claimed the android phones will help them in the bushes.

The development came in the wake of traffic interruption on the said road. The situation triggered a gun battle between Government security forces and the unknown men. The security forces later succeeded in restoring traffic and vehicles transporting goods and persons only entered Kumba round 3.00pm same day.

Military vehicles from the Buea direction preceded dozens of vehicles loaded with goods. Businesspersons who had ordered for supplies out of Kumba were already disturbed when traffic stopped in the early hours of that Thursday.

This development comes barely weeks after gunmen, suspected to be elements of the separatists Ambazonia Defence Forces, ADF, blocked traffic on the same stretch of road for days. The situation triggered price hikes across Kumba. The city is still battling with such developments following special measures which the Meme administration instituted to ensure the supply of goods and services.