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Hair Odour 

By Gwendolyne Halle* — Ladies, we should not keep our hair or hair styles (especially those with hair extensions) for months before washing. It is really not sexy for a lady to walk past people and a stuffy old "tired" smell is released or left behind.

Some of us have partners or boyfriends and when our hair smells they may conclude that we are not clean. I know ladies will say hair styles are expensive and that our hair will grow better or that we need to protect our hair from the cold weather. However, it is not an attractive sight for a lady to scratch her hair several times in a minute, or dandruff showing on her scalp, or she patting or tamping her hair to calm the itching.

It is our responsibility as women to keep our hair clean, healthy and odour-free.
Hair odour is worse if you live in a tropical climate/hot weather or/and if you use petroleum /mineral oil based or chemical based products. In a tropical climate or hot weather our scalp sweats/perspires; this sweat combines with the chemicals and/or mineral oils from hair products on our hair and the sebum secreted from the hair to produce a weird "disturbing" smell.

This mineral oil/petroleum-based products trap dirt and bacteria on the hair. We should not forget to wash our hair well with the required shampoos. Remember that "foam does not mean clean". We should ensure that we maintain the pH of our hair in order to avoid this embarrassment.

"Bakala", "Greve", "Rasta"

Our human hair is made up of human fibre while synthetic hair is made up of either nylon fibre or/and polyester fibre. Synthetic hair does not have cuticles while our human hair has cuticles. Furthermore, synthetic hair extensions are heavier than our human hair.

This explains why when our hair is wrapped or styled with synthetic hair extensions their textures do not blend- what I mean is synthetic hair does not matte like human hair. Synthetic hair extensions may break human hair especially if hairstyles are kept for months and/or the protein structure of our hair has been altered by hair relaxers etc.

Avoid keeping "Bakala", "Greffe", "Rasta" synthetic hair extensions in your hair for months as this causes hair breakage.

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First published in The Post print edition no 01498

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