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Health Delegate Blamed For Not Combating Cholera Enough 

By Chris Mbunwe — The Secretary General in the Ministry of Public Health, Prof. Fru Angwafor II, has criticised Northwest Public Health Delegate, Dr. Victor Ndiforchu, for not fighting cholera enough.

Prof. Angwafor was reprimanding the Delegate during the launching of the fight against cholera in the Region. After listening to last year’s report on cholera pandemic as presented by Dr. Ndiforchu, the Secretary General dismissed most of the difficulties he presented as weak and unconvincing. 

In the Regional Delegate’s report, some of the problems he presented as great hindrance to the fight against cholera included; no pipe borne water, bad roads, lack of transportation and health tools amongst others.  The Ministry Scribe, in his response, dismissed the issues raised, stating that the Delegate lacks vision and cannot take initiative. He wondered what his Delegate meant when he said, in most villages that were attacked by the disease there was neither a good road nor pipe borne water.

Prof. Fru Angwafor II instead humiliated Ndiforchu the more, in the presence of the Secretary of Stated for Public Health, Alim Hayatou, asking whether Ndiforchu has never known that faced with such difficulties the population should be told to boil water before drinking. 

He said the various Regions of the country had enough means at their disposal last year to combat cholera. On the issue of bad roads, he told Ndiforchu that it is a perennial problem and that when ever there is a pandemic, health personnel should be the first persons to reach out to victims instead of complaining and idling in their offices.

Speaking at the Bamenda General Hospital, the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Health in charge of Epidemics and Pandemics, His Majesty Alim Hayatou, said, from  January to June  this year, no case of cholera has been reported anywhere in Cameroon.

He enjoined the public, individuals and  groups to join his ministry apply all preventive means to combat the disease, like keeping to good hygiene roles, boiling water before drinking, washing hands with soap after using the toilet, and ensuring that traditional beliefs are discarded. He cited the manipulation of corpses during wake-keep and inter-tribal conflicts in the Region.

 According to him, President Biya is bent on fighting cholera and other pandemics. As of last year, Bafut Sub-division was the highest hit by cholera. Over 125 cases of cholera were reported in Bafut and seven people died as a result. This situation caused the setting up of committees to sensitise the population in churches, schools and mosques.

 The Secretary of State, meanwhile, hailed the press, SHUMAS, Plan Cameroon and other partners for checking cholera in Cameroon. Before he left Bamenda, Alim Hayatou visited a modern public toilet at PMI Health Centre Nkwen constructed by the Bamenda III Council.

First published in The Post no. 01351

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