Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Health Ministry Given 15 Days To Implement Employees 

By Leocadia  Bongben — The Ministry of Public Health and public hospitals have been given 15 days to implement decisions taken during a crisis meeting between the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Public service.

The ultimatum was given after a strike action taken by trade unions of the health sector; Synpems and Cap/Sante, Monday, April 20. Among the decisions taken during the crisis meeting was that an enlarged working group would be put in place for the allocation of allowances and quotas to the personnel, and a plan to recruit health personnel to make up for the deficient work force.

Mama Fouda had instructed first-category hospitals like the University Teaching Hospital, CUSS, to start payment of arrears at 25 percent per month, the dues of the compressed personnel and to harmonise retirement age. The health personnel went on strike for what they termed lack of advancement and non-payment of their arrears, amongst others. 

According to Dorothée Madjoukouo, a health personnel who said she has been working for 12 years without, even after being taken in as a contract worker in 2010, up till now she has not had any allowance. Synpems President, Balla Balla, said if their demands are not met in 15 days, the strike would resume. 

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