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Health Ministry Tracks Performance Of Kumba Hospital Staff 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The Ministry of Public Health, Andrea Mama Fouda, has announced a renewed plan to keep track of the performance of workers of the Kumba District Hospital in 2015.
The announcement was made in Kumba recently during a ceremony organised to reward hospital staff who reached best heights in their line of duty throughout 2014.
Over 15 staff were awarded certificates and encouragement prizes during the occasion which took place on the premises of the health facility and presided at by the 2nd Assistant Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme, Nelson Yongkhuma.

In its third successive year, this year’s edition recognised staff cutting across all the departments of the hospital, including security and the mortuary attendants, unlike in previous editions that saw only top management staff gaining recognition.

According to the Director of the health facility Dr. Zachs Ebongo Nanje, the exercise falls in line with the directives from the Ministry of Public Health which defines the need to motivate staff and promote hard work.

He said the seal on the awards and signatures are not from the hospital; rather they carry the signature of senior staff in the health sector as a mark of encouragement. Ebongo explained that, for some people, the recognition may not mean anything, but to most of the staff, it may mark the peak of their careers, for some may never receive such recognition again.

Asked the criteria for selecting the awardees, the ophthalmologist cum hospital administrator said, at the beginning of every year, the various departments oversee staff performance and submit reports directly to hierarchy. In some cases, the Director went on; the staff nominates the awardees based on personal observation.

The goal of such awards, Ebongo remarked, is to ensure quality and affordable healthcare to everyone that comes to the facility, with the contribution of all the staff.

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