Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Health Official Soothes Striking Medics 

By Francis Tim Mbom

A Ministry of Health official, Wednesday, May 27, brought smiles on the faces of striking Limbe Regional Hospital staff.

Joseph Ntalabe, Inspector of Health Services in the Ministry of Public Health, initially held a meeting with the Board Chair of the Hospital, also Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Motanga Monjimba, before proceeding to meet with heads of paramedical services of the Hospital.

The Hospital staff had jointly with their other colleagues, downed their tools for the three days and embarked on a strike action which bordered on their dissatisfaction with the modus they said the Hospital Director, Dr. Thompson Kinge, has been using for over three years to share out a monthly motivation package to the staff.

Ntalabe said he had proposed that a commission involving members of the staff from the various Hospital sections be formed in order for them to be involved in the collection and sharing process to ensure transparency and pre-empt future crises. He said he had come to understand that most of the staff had not been in the know as to how much money is raised by the Hospital from consultation and other charges.

"We have proposed a commission that will be put in place so that the workers take an active part in the distribution," Ntalabe said. "Formerly," he went on, "they did not know anything about the collection. From now on, they will know about it and they will be actively involved in the distribution. So I think that is what has made them to be satisfied," Ntalabe said. The official noted that the problem with the sharing of the monthly motivation to staff in State-run hospitals has most often posed a lot of problems because those in charge always have flouted ministerial instructions as to how it should be shared out.

The motivation package is said to be an amount equivalent to 30 percent of workers’ salaries.
Dissatisfied with the manner in which this money was being collected and managed by the Limbe Hospital, the workers went on strike demanding that order and transparency be put in place.

The workers equally argued that the lot collected from the Limbe Hospital was enough to meet their quota part demands and also assist the Hospital in the procurement of basic utilities to ease their work which they lamented were grossly inadequate.

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