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Hepatitis May Lead To Cancer 

By Verdell Beyang* — A senior nurse at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital has said hepatitis can lead to cancer.

In an exclusive interview, she said when a person tests positive, he or she will be counseled on the foods to be eaten and those not to be eaten such as palm oil. Hepatitis might eventually lead cancer if not properly managed, the senior nurse said, although hepatitis vaccine can be administered at the hospital.

Statistics estimate that 10 million people acquire Hepatitis B every year, 3 percent of the world’s   population is infected with Hepatitis C and 350.000 people die every year of Hepatitis C. The nurse said a victim of hepatitis would be advised to reduce their intake of protein and drugs such as paracetamol. Hepatitis is a viral disease, which attacks the liver of humans and is on the increase.

There are five different types, Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis A is transmitted through contaminated food, water, eating raw or partially cooked    food. Hepatitis B is contracted through body fluids, sex, tattoos, piercing and sharing of needles.   Hepatitis C is the worst, as far as the other viruses are concerned.  

This is because it has no cure, while Hepatitis D is likely to occur with an infection of Hepatitis   B such as body fluids like blood semen, vaginal fluids and saliva. Nonetheless, Hepatitis E is transmitted through touching contaminated surfaces and placing   your hand in your mouth, and drinking contaminated food and water.

*(UB Journalism Student On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01370

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