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HIAMS Graduates Best HND Student Nationwide 

By Azore Opio — The Higher Institute of Applied Medical Sciences (HIAMS), Friday, December 14, graduated the best nursing student in the country for the academic year 2011/2012. Alemngoasong Akwi Ajua Alemanji, who scored an Upper Credit, was awarded the Higher National Diploma in Nursing at the first Bachelors’ graduation and the second for HND Nursing and Medical Laboratory Technology.

In an academic discourse titled “The Health Worker as Community Leader” delivered by Austin Achunkwe, Senior Inspector of Telecommunication and lecturer at the P & T School, Buea, the HIAMS graduates were implored to be community leaders as they go about giving health care to the people. “The health practitioner, just like the teacher, the clergyman, or the local politician, is someone whom others look up to for guidance because of the nature of his/her job – thus it is incumbent on them to be leaders – good leaders,” Achunkwe said.

He said a community leader does not mobilise for negative action but for positive action.
“He has a vision for a better community and mobilises the community to embrace positive change with enthusiasm,” said Achunkwe. He reminded the graduates on the need to uphold moral rectitude as health workers. Said he, “Once we do not respect the basic tenets of the profession, we are unethical; we become immoral. It is, therefore, important for the health specialist to be moral.”

“How often do we hear professional healthcare givers hurling insults on a woman who is under excruciating pain of producing life? How about drug peddling or asking for money more than necessary for a service? Or better still, getting too intimate with a patient?” Achunkwe asked.
“These practices definitely do not portray leadership,” he added.

Achunkwe said leadership is all about service to humanity, and urged the graduates to “go ahead and make themselves leaders of your communities as health workers.” This year, HIAMS graduated 21 Bachelor of Technology students; 17 BTech in Nursing Sciences and four in BTech in Medical Laboratory Sciences; 34 HND graduates; 25 in Nursing and 9 in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

The institute, November 24, matriculated 100 new students. Meanwhile, the University of Buea, admitted the pioneer Masters student from HIAMS, Kingsley Angeh Amunuh. Angeh Amunuh will be pursing an MSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

First published in The Post print edition no 01399

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