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High Commissioner Advocates Reinforcement Of Cameroon-Nigeria Peace 

By Walter Wilson Nana

CameroonPostline.com — Nigerian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Hadiza Mustapha, says she is out for confidence building to reinforce the benefits of the existing relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria.

The diplomat made the statement as she commenced a meet-the-people-tour September 6 in Buea to end on September 10 in Bekumu in Ndian Division, Southwest Region. At the Buea Council, Mustapha expressed happiness with the cordial relationship enjoyed by the Nigerian diplomatic mission and the Nigerian community in Buea, and the Council authorities. She said such relationships will solve a lot of pending problems.

“I hear that Buea is the most hospitable area in Cameroon and all the good things happen here. So, after one year in Cameroon, I have come to see my fellow Nigerians and pay courtesy visits to Cameroon Government officials,” she said. The High Commissioner said Cameroon and Nigeria are brotherly countries that have to fortify their friendship, build on development issues and reinforce the peace between the two nations.

“I feel at home in Cameroon; we are together and must look forward. Nigerians in Buea and elsewhere in Cameroon are brothers and sisters to all Cameroonians,” she said. Buea Mayor, Patrick Esunge Ekema, highlighted the historical links between Cameroon and Nigeria and revisited the peaceful resolution of the Bakassi crisis and the recent handover initially championed by former Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo and President Biya.

Chief Endeley Stopover

Hadiza appreciated the role Chief SML Endeley, Paramount Chief of Buea and his fellow chiefs in the Southwest Region played in solving the Bakassi crisis, urging him not to give up in his quest for peace to reign between Cameroon and Nigeria. The one-time Chief Justice, pharmacist and member of the Cameroon delegation to The Hague for the Bakassi case, presented a comprehensive documentation on how the proceedings of the Bakassi case went on at The Hague.


Mustapha, while at the Meme SDO David Koulbout Aman’s office, reminded Nigerians that they must respect the laws of their host country and that the host must also take her responsibility to ensure the security of her visitors.

“I appreciate the peaceful nature of the Nigerians in Kumba. There is no progress without peace, especially as they are business people,” the diplomat observed. She told the SDO that the instruments for business to be improved between Cameroon and Nigeria must be put in place, citing the tarring of the Kumba-Mamfe-Ekok and the Kumba-Mundemba-Ekondo Titi roads.

She said Cameroon and Nigeria should not stop working on the things that mar their relationship, citing the cases of some overzealous police and gendarme officers who harass Nigerians in Cameroon and along the borders of the two countries. “Let Nigerians also pay for their residence permits and those who have not done so should catch up,” she advised. Mustapha corroborated Koulbout that having been part of the UN observer missions to Bakassi, there are some little problems on the ground but a little investment from Cameroon will do the magic.

The SDO reassured Hadiza that his administration is supportive to the Nigerian community in Meme, which is said to be the biggest in the Southwest Region. At the Nfon’s palace in Kumba, Nfon Senator Victor Mukete said he cooperates well with the huge Nigerian presence in the municipality. Hadiza thanked Nfon Mukete for her fatherly support and prayed him to continue serving Nigerians in Kumba, ensure that they are law abiding and contribute to the development of Cameroon.

The same convivial atmosphere prevailed at the office of the Government Delegate to Kumba, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, who reiterated that Cameroon and Nigeria share common issues; they trade together and Nigerians in Kumba feel at home. “Home is where you stay and I am glad that you are making things happen for Nigerians,” she told Ngoh.

To the Nigerian community in Kumba, Hadiza said she is out with her colleague, the Nigerian Consul General for the Southwest and Northwest Regions, Muhammed Akan, to mend fences on what the leaders of Cameroon and Nigeria are doing, to know what Nigerians are doing on the ground, while conceding that issues about Nigerians in Kumba are well known.
She advised Nigerians not to take peace for granted, while entreating them to respect constituted authority and remain mature in all their actions.

The diplomat advised her compatriots to remain hard working, be proud of themselves, stay focussed and get registered in their respective unions. “It is the unions that will take you and your problems to the three Nigerian diplomatic missions in Cameroon,” she said. Hadiza challenged the Nigerian community in Kumba, especially the big business operators to build schools, hospitals and other facilities for their community.

Earlier, the President of the Nigerian Union in Kumba, Augustine Chikodili Nwafor, amongst other concerns raised, wished for a visa-free relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria, adding that residence permits should be scrapped. He made a request for scholarships to be awarded for Nigerian children in the Diaspora and the electronic passport now operational in Nigeria to be brought closer to Nigerians in the Southwest Region via the Consulate in Buea. Nigerian women groups and the spirited KISS Choir in Kumba gave the tour the colourful cultural touch it deserved.

Talking to Nigerian community in Buea, Sunday, September 8, Hadiza told them to teach Nigerian children their culture and values, “for they are our future,” she noted. She will add; “We want to see a dynamic youth movement in the unions and fortify the unions by bringing one new member.” Like in Kumba, Chief Eugene Ndulo, President of Nigerian union, Buea, also raised the issue of the high cost of Nigerian Electronic passport and the reduction of the cost to obtain a resident permit.

First published in The Post print edition no 01463

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