Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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HIV Carrier Says Spiritual Aspect Is Neglected 

By Leocadia Bongben

A person living with HIV/AIDS, Cecilia Kwedi Makia, has lamented that the spiritual aspect of HIV/AIDS is neglected in Cameroon. She made the observation during celebrations marking the 27th edition of the International Candle Light Memorial. The ceremony at the Bastos neighbourhood was chaired by the Secretary of State at Ministry of Public Health, Fru Angwafor III.

Kwedi, married and a mother of one, underscored the importance of the spiritual dimension of HIV/AIDS, narrating how she was able to come out of the trauma thanks to the church. ”When I was tested positive at 18, I knew my life had ended. I was neglected and abandoned, I ran to church where I was taught how to accept that Jesus heals,” she said.

Fru Angwafor III, for his part, said the International Candle Light Memorial is a day to take stock of the impact of HIV/AIDS on communities. He expressed the need to take personal commitment to understand the negative impact of AIDS/AIDS and poor health on development.

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