Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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HIV Infected Children To Get Assistance 

By Marceline Chick

CameroonPostline.com — A Little Piece of Heaven Foundation, a non governmental organisation based in the UK, has liaised with HIV infected children in Meme for possible assistance.

Francesca Ngassam, President of the organisation, was in Kumba recently, where she visited the Meme Divisional Delegation of Social Affairs. At the Divisional delegation, Ngassam explained that her passion to assist HIV infected children started years ago when her close friend died leaving her seven HIV infected children under her (Ngassam’s) care.

She explained that, while she struggled daily to carter for these children, the craving to reach out to many more infected children in Cameroon grew in her. Ngassam said, as a child of Kumba, her first thought was to visit her home town and get statistics of children infected with the pandemic so that she could programme them for continuous aid.

Ngassam recounted that through the Cameroon Relief Volunteers, she had the contact of the delegation which she was visiting. She promised to return soonest to assist the children financially and materially.

In response, the Chief of Centre for Social Affairs Meme, Georgette Claire Nyoum lauded Ngassam for thinking of HIV infected children in the Division. She promised collaboration with the organisation. Besides, Ngassam visited the Kumba Production Prison where together with the superintendent; Thierry Joel Fopa, they discussed possibilities of establishing an Information Technology, IT Center at the prison to reform inmates.

The Coordinator of Cameroon Relief Volunteer, Clifford Antiero Ntuba, who led the team to Ekenge Village, Nguti, said they are planning to build a water reservoir in the village to assist malnourish children who bath and drink from the same source of river.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01336


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