Sunday, November 18, 2018
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HIV-positive Students Barred From Ukrainian Universities 

By Rose Tang & Valery Kiloh*

Though Ukrainian universities have opened their doors to students in Central African countries, the opportunity has been denied HIV/AIDS positive students. The Ambassador of Ukraine in Central Africa, Serguiy Mishustin, based in Gabon, revealed this at a conference held in Yaounde recently.

Amongst the requirements to postulate in Ukraine universities, emphasis was on "A negative test for HIV". Serguiy Mishustin assured aspirants that Ukrainian diplomas are recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and other member states of the European Union.

Talking about security, he said: "The government has ensured that security in the campuses and hostels is enforced". The ceremony was spiced with award of medals to some three former Ukrainian students, now economic operators in the country. Serguiy expressed satisfaction and pride while decorating Mr. Thierry Nyamen, Mrs. Flore Bell, and Mrs. Njiandock Cecilia.

In a chat with The Post, Mrs. Flore Bell revealed some of the challenges she faced in Ukraine. She admitted that the climatic changes and the Ukrainian language are the main obstacles. Mrs. Bell like her mates expressed gratitude for the honor and quality education she received.
The conference ended with the inauguration of the first-ever Ukrainian Language Centre in Cameroon, situated at Rond Point Express-Biyem -Assi Yaounde.

*(Siantou University Complex & ASMAC Students on Internship)

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