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Hollande Should Call Biya 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

CameroonPostline.com — SDF Scribe, Dr. Elizabeth Tamajong, has called on French President-elect, Francois Hollande, to check what she qualified as “President Biya’s sit-tight dictatorship in Cameroon”. She made the appeal in an interview with The Post in Yaounde shortly after the Socialist party candidate beat Nicholas Sarkozy last Sunday’s presidential run-off.

“We are happy that the Socialist party that has been working closely with our party won the presidential election in France. Francois Hollande is also the Vice President of the Socialist International and we are urging him to exert pressure on Cameroon and all African countries that do not want to sit up in terms of democracy, human rights and governance,” Dr. Tamajong told The Post.

According to her, the new French regime should focus its democratic searchlight on Cameroon, because, “President Biya’s government is a full-fledged dictatorship that is dressed in democratic garments”. Tamajong said Cameroon is ruled by gerontocracy that has confiscated all the powers of State institutions for the personal use of its members.

The SDF Scribe wondered how anyone can be claiming that there is true democracy in Cameroon when the National Assembly has never adopted a private members’ bill or rejected a bill from government. She asked how someone could claim that Cameroon is an advanced democracy when it has never organised free, fair and transparent elections.

She said the Secretary General of Socialist International, Louis Ayalla, monitored the 2011 presidential election in Cameroon and left disappointed because of the bare-faced rigging and the gigantic fraud that characterised the election.   

Going by the varsity don, if the new French President works to influence African governments to implement democracy, human rights and good governance, he will inevitably be solving the problem of immigration that France is grappling with.

She said Hollande’s country is facing the heat of millions of African asylum seekers who are fleeing repression from dictatorial regimes in their countries. Tamajong said even those who were running away for economic reasons were also suffering from lack of democracy because democracy provides a level playing field, good economic policies and equal opportunities.

She urged Hollande to clean up the mess that his predecessor left by imposing governments on some African states. To her, France should stop the master-servant relationship that it has with African countries and treat them within the context of a win-win partnership.

According to the Scribe, Hollande must, as a true socialist, bring to an end the neo-colonial hoax that France has subjected Cameroon and many other African countries to. Tamajong recommended that the kind of relations that France should now nurture with Cameroon should be akin to those that the country is sustaining with China, Korea and other Asian countries.

She said the interest of France will be better guaranteed if Hollande helps the regime to establish the rule of law and ensure the respect of human rights, adding that France’s aid to Cameroon should be tied to the apron string of good governance, free, fair and transparent elections that embrace a single ballot paper and a two-round presidential election.

While commenting on the open letter Marafa Hamidou Yaya wrote to President Biya recently, Tamajong said the former Minister was exercising a lot of hypocrisy because he was President Biya’s chief election rigging officer.

To her, Marafa is one of those who have helped to impose stagnation on Cameroon’s electoral process. She said it is a scandal that Marafa, who tampered with peace and justice, through election rigging, is now referring to himself as a peace and justice crusader. 

She said it is also interesting that Marafa is complaining that the justice system is not fair to him. “This is somebody who made defamatory statements to the effect that the SDF Chairman was seen dinning and wining with a criminal and turned around and manipulated justice to his favour when he was dragged to court. Since he was a Minister, he was above the law. Now, it serves him right,” she remarked.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01342

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