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Hon. Lifaka Rejects ‘Natural’ Candidacy ‘For Fako West Constituency 

By Andrew Nsoseka & *Glory MbuwilHon Lifaka(L) handing over scholarship package to COIC Programme Director

Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, April 6, energetically rejected the title of natural candidate for the Fako West Constituency proposed by one of her constituents.
“In our party we have just one natural leader, who is President Paul Biya. I appreciate the honour Mr. Veseke has given me, but, we have one natural leader …”

The title which the Vice President of the National Assembly quickly rejected was proposed by Martin Veseke, a representative of parents, whose children were benefiting from the second edition of the Hon Lifaka Scholarship Award that was received by 36 students of Cameroon Opportunities Industrialisation Centre, COIC, Buea.

In this year’s ceremony, the second edition of the scholarship award, Lifaka coughed out FCFA 6.2 million, which was handed over to the Programme Director of COIC Buea, Limunga.

In her speech, the Programme Director pointed out that the scholarship will cover the entire training of its beneficiaries for two years. She challenged traditional rulers to follow in the footsteps of Lifaka in providing to the needy in the society.

Lifaka urged the beneficiaries to do their best during their training in order to become reference points in their fields of specialty. She also pledged to follow up in order to make sure that they have something doing after leaving school.

She urged COIC workers to avoid wrangling that can negatively affect the institution. On the selection of beneficiaries, she said it was done with the help of Chiefs in the constituency.
“I don’t care to know their parents, where they come from or which political party they belong to. It’s all about helping needy Cameroonians,” the MP said.

The representative of the beneficiaries, Francis Likambi, while thanking their donor, pledged on behalf of the recipients that they will make good use of the scholarship opportunity to be the best batch of students in academic excellence and conduct in COIC.

He also pleaded that the scholarship scheme should be improved to cover their basic needs like textbooks and others, because, with financial constraints, some of them have resorted to part time jobs which render them very tired at the end of the day, making studies difficult.

The Board Chair of COIC Buea, Retired Commandant Moses Ekeke, in appreciating the gesture, pointed out that the scheme helped over 25 students last year, adding that Lifaka’s is an example of people who do not forget their roots.

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