Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Hon. Wirba Spits Fire Again 

– Makes Startling Revelations
– Says 122 People Were Massacred, 150 Missing
– 1,894 Injured By Direct Gunshots, 16,000 Displaced
– 40,000 Living As Refugees In Nigeria

By Sylvester Atemnkeng

Member of Parliament, MP, for the Jakiri Special Constituency, Hon. Joseph Wirba

The Member of Parliament, MP, for the Jakiri Special Constituency, Hon. Joseph Wirba, has made startling revelations on the carnage that was carried out in the Northwest and Southwest Regions during the September 22 and October 1 peaceful demonstrations.

The MP made the revelations during a press briefing in his native Jakiri residence, Bui Division of the Northwest Region on October 31.

Speaking during the press outing, the MP said, in a letter to the United Nations, UN, Secretary General, he had cried out that the genocide on the English speaking Cameroonians was already ongoing.
According to him, the recent events coupled with actions of Government Ministers and other officials came to confirm those concerns.

“The reference to our people as ‘dogs’ by the colonial Governor of the Southwest Region, and ‘rats’ by a well-known TV talk show host in Yaounde, are the hallmarks of genuine hate speeches. The marching of the nation’s army into the Northwest and Southwest Regions and the untold brutalities meted out on our people imply that we are ‘enemy of the State’ rather than ‘a part of the State’”, he said.

Going by him, on September 22, the world witnessed a people’s revolution unequalled by any on the African continent in its peaceful nature.

The people stood up to say one final NO to oppression, subjugation and to reclaim their lost State that our forefathers brought into this union.

“Conservative estimates put the figures at over 1.5 million people that peacefully marched, brandishing green leaves as a sign of peace, in the streets of the Northwest and Southwest on that historical day. The people had come out with the clear understanding that freedom is never given to, but always taken by those living under oppression.

“The slave had risen indeed to break the chains and there was no turning back! That day had marked the people’s mental and psychological escape from oppressive strangulation by merciless Government. There was a sense of liberation that defied bullets and teargas as the frightened Government ordered the killing of peaceful demonstrators, because of its fear of the people’s revolution”, he explained.

With regards to the October 1 carnage, Wirba said it is a day that the people experienced a Government war on armless people.

To him, the army had been, from all intents and purposes, ordered to march on the people West of the Mungo when curfews were announced and imposed three days before by the two Governors, confining people to their homes. But the army went ahead smashing through the doors, raping, looting, torturing, maiming and shooting even children in the peace of their home.

“Bleeding men and women were loaded into trucks and ferried to unknown destinations with some confined in military trucks until they bleed to their deaths! The war on our people had indeed been declared as the main battle grounds were Mamfe, Buea, Bamenda, Ekona, Kumbo, Jakiri, Bello, Fundong, Ndop, Ndu, Muyuka, Kumba, Tombel, Menji, Bangem, Eyumojock, Ikiliwindi, Mutengene, Batibo, Balikumbat and other towns and villages.

The military helicopters flew overhead to ensure that those who missed being shot by the ground soldiers, were not missed by the snipers from the air. The genocide on our people was indeed now running at full blast”, he maintained.

To Hon. Wirba, the death toll was appalling for a country that calls itself ‘peaceful’ and its people ‘united’, in peace time.

The severance of the internet on September 29 in the Northwest and Southwest Regions was equally, an indication of a plan to cover up and hide a premeditated genocide on October 1, which is still ongoing as many people are still unaccounted for and many others are still being hunted down for arrest as thousands are on the run.

“I had clearly foreseen in the heavy military movements that involved high tech military hardware that we were under siege. I had told my team of assistants that the military could not be marched into our territory in order to take a holiday-they were coming to kill our people as one of the top commanders had already said in their Yaounde ‘war’ cabinet, ‘il faut le matée,’ meaning we must crush them or they must be crushed,” he added.

Quizzed on how he came about with the statistics, Hon. Wirba said, after the September 22 and October I carnage, he quickly put together a commission of 15 members that he chaired.

Going by him, they had selected seven members per Region, giving them the task to reach out to the 13 Divisions, and compile the details the “violent Government had done to our people. Our commission members put together the statistics we have today,” he noted.

From such findings, it was revealed to the press that following the September 22 and October 1 peaceful demonstrations, 122 deaths were recorded, 150 people declared missing and 1,894 persons injured as a result of direct gunshots and torture.

On the other hand, at least 16,000 people have been displaced, while some 40,000 others are now camping in the Cross River State of Nigeria as refugees.

Asked why he boycotted the last SDF NEC meeting, Hon. Wirba said, he was left out for reasons best known to those running the party.

“I am glad to tell you that I am hearing about the meeting from you because I am sure that my stand which my party disapproves must have made them to exclude me from everything.

I will just want to mention that they would have been very late to start talking about things like this because a party like the SDF for which people lost their lives, for which people like me sacrificed everything they had including their famous civil service jobs in Cameroon to make sure that they form the party for change to be brought to Cameroon that we all needed,” he stated.

According to Wirba, if he stood up like he did in the National Assembly and the party from the Chairman to his Executive shied away from their responsibilities of standing up and talking on behalf of the people, he can only feel sorry because the people are moving in a total different direction from the SDF.

“If the party feels that it represents or talk on behalf of the people, then they should start doing more than just paying lip service… The party should have shown its belief in freedom and in the negation of the humanity of the English Speaking Cameroonians by barking publicly and on the parliamentary floor.

I think the SDF revolution is reedling out and I have work for it [the SDF] all my life for 27 years losing everything I was able to protect, putting my own life at risk like what I am doing now. Without mixing words, my party disappointed me and the people of English Speaking Cameroon,” he said.