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Hope Clinic Kumba Re-opened 

The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Magloire Abath Zangbwala, opened the clinic February 10. In a thanksgiving service that preceded the opening, Zangbwala said he would not want to open Hope Clinic a third time. He said since the first Hope Clinic became hopeless, the second opening of the hospital should be permanent and serve patients continuously.

He enjoined the population to revisit the hospital, which, according to him, has one of the best services in Meme Division. In his sermon, Rev Father John Tchamba of Catholic Church Kumba Town called on all to consider the interest of others. The Director of Hope Clinic, Dr Jerry Esua Etabong, said the institution now operates under "Parma Per La Vita, Cameroon."

He said a board of governors of the hospital has been elected, who have appointed him (Dr Esua) as Director of Hope Clinic. Dr Esua stated that with the new legal status of the hospital, they would operate freely and would never shut its doors again. The Director regretted that they disappointed their patients for some time. However, he reassured that the problem wasn’t caused by a professional error but an administrative problem which he said has been handled.

On the faith of their nursing school, Dr. Esua said a board of directors shall decide on it.
The Post learnt that Dr Juliet and her husband, Celestine Yongabi, the Hope Clinic Parma administrator, who had rivalled Dr. Esua in the running of the clinic, have refused to recognize "Parma Per La Vita Cameroon". However, Esua urged Dr Juliet Yongabi to apply to the board of governors of the hospital if she is willing to work there.

Problem erupted in the hospital when the "Associazionne Parma Per LA Vita," appointed Dr Juliet to replace Dr Esua as Director.  But Esua fought hard, arguing that the association lacked the locus standi in Cameroon and had no right to oust him out of a project he said he conceived. The wrangling led to the creation of Parma Per La Vita Cameroon, under whose umbrella Hope Clinic now operates.

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