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Humphrey Mosenge Is New Chief of Wonganga 

By Walter Wilson Nana — Humphrey Tande Mosenge is the new and third class chief of Small Soppo – Wonganga village in Buea Subdivision. He was enthroned following the traditions of the Bakweri people and the laws governing the institution of chieftaincy in Cameroon on Saturday, February 25 in Wonganga.


Chief Tande Mosenge leading traditional rulers into his palace

According to Prefectoral Order No: 502/2009 backed by the September 4, 2008 consultative talks that were carried out in Wonganga village, Mosenge was confirmed as the Chief-elect on December 9, 2009 by the then Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Fako Division, Jules Marcelin Djaga.

In his enthronement message, the Divisional Officer, DO for Buea, Abraham Chekem said he came to implement the SDO’s December 9, 2009 order, noting that it is a historic day for the people of Wonganga, who now have a guide.

Inspired by Mosenge’s background, which is that of an Insurance Broker and Finance Analyst, Chekem told him; “You don’t rule people the way you count money. You have to show a human face in your administration, ensure the upkeep of the population and as an auxiliary to the administration; you must maintain peace and pass on government information.”

The DO enjoined Chief Mosenge to fight insecurity, banditry, cholera and stray animals as well as ensuring cleanliness. “You should also seek advice from the elders of the village, members of your traditional council and mobilise the population for electoral registration and solve land disputes,” Chekem added.

While informing Chief Mosenge that he has some benefits from the government that goes with his responsibilities, the DO invited the new chief to prioritise development issues, show proof of modern management methods and not dictatorship as well as preserve and promote the culture of Wonganga people. “Our tradition is our soul, we must keep it jealously,” he said.

Earlier, the President of Buea Sub divisional Chiefs Conference, Chief France Kinge Linonge said the decision to enthrone Humphrey Tande Mosenge was never contested, hence his peers are inviting him to promote development, uphold the chieftaincy institution in Cameroon and be part of the Cameroon Chiefs Association.

Chief Linonge said the Bakweri Chiefs have a difficulty in hosting the Bando Festival, so they are appealing to their sons, daughters and well wishers to support their endeavours.

Fon Nganyongha III of Bali, who was joined by Fon Abumbi II of Bafut saw in the enthronement of Chief Mosenge a landmark event for the people of Wonganga, while advising him to be a blessing to his people, especially in the areas of women emancipation and education.

The Fon of Bali told the Wonganga population to think globally and act locally, saying the world of chieftaincy is interesting but intriguing.


At the close of the culturally rich enthronement ceremony, Chief Mosenge expressed happiness to be in the company of his people and friends from all over the world. “The challenges addressed by the DO have always been there but with the will of God, we shall overcome them. We will face them with hope from God and the support of our people. We will also give a big boost to our tradition and culture,” he said.

Barrister Nico Halle described the ceremony as gorgeous and solemn, saying Chief Mosenge has made his friends proud, thanks to his humility. However, he highlighted the difference in the making of a Chief and a Fon in the Southwest and Northwest Regions of Cameroon. “In the Southwest, a Chief is appointed within the family circle while in the Northwest; a Fon is made through the process of hereditary. We respect what obtains in the two cultures. These are people called by God to execute a special mission,” Halle noted.

Chief Humphrey Tande Mosenge was born on June 21, 1953 in Buea, Fako Division, Southwest Region. For 26 years, he has been in the financial services as insurance broker and finance analyst. In the 1970s, he played top level football in Cameroon, with Prisons Club of Buea. He is remembered to have had a hug from President Ahmadou Ahidjo with his jersey on, after a football match.

Before the coronation ceremony, he visited the sick at the Buea Regional Hospital where he donated some drugs and toiletries, the Buea Central Prison and the ex-Tole Tea workers on strike at the Delegation of Labour & Social Security.

Chief Mosenge is married and father of many children.

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