Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Hundreds Sign Commitment To Sleep Under Treated Mosquito Nets 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai

Hundreds of students of GHS Cité Verte, GHS Biyem-Assi and GBHS Etoug-Ebe, all in Yaounde, have signed a commitment to henceforth, sleep under long-lasting treated mosquito nets in an effort to combat malaria.

The students placed their names, classes and signatures on cardboards mounted in the school by Malaria No More, MNM, during the 5th edition of sensitisation campaigns on malaria in the school milieu and the commitment of young people to fight against the disease.

The activity that was animated by junior ambassadors of K.O. PALU youth movement, took place in the three schools from February 8 to 10 in the wake of festivities to mark the 51st edition of the Youth Day on February 11.

Presenting the activity to the media, the Programs Officer at MNM, Mirabell Kumfa, said the event was placed under the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health represented by the Permanent Secretariat of the National Malaria Control Programme.

ExxonMobil/COTCO Foundation and Mosquito Squad are supporting the initiative.  

The “K.O. PALU 2017 Youth Sensitisation Campaign,” as its dubbed, had as objective to inculcate knowledge on malaria and enabled the acquisition of competences linked to the use of the long lasting treated mosquito net amongst the student population.

According to Kumfa, the initiative is geared at stimulating a greater adhesion of the young people in the fight against malaria.

Key messages highlighting malaria as the first cause of school absenteeism, its mode of prevention, transmission, treatment and the proper use of the long lasting treated mosquito net marked the activities in the various schools.

In addition, the students actively took part in quizzes, dancing competitions, sketches and demonstrations on the installation and use of the treated mosquito nets.

Outstanding students went home with various prizes bearing messages on the fight against malaria.

In a document justifying the context of the activity, MNM noted that the disease remains a major public health problem in Africa accounting to close to 90 percent of deaths in the world.

The NGO that started its activities in Cameroon in 2011 revealed that malaria is responsible for more that 2000 deaths in the country per year.

“This is not supposed to be the case since malaria is avoidable and treatable. No person, no child is supposed to die because of malaria,” MNM stated.

The organisation recalled that in 2011, Cameroon’s Prime Minister in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and its partners, with MNM being one of them, launched the K.O. PALU national campaign which aims at reducing deaths linked to malaria in Cameroon by at least 75 percent before 2018.

The NGO that also has as mission the elimination of malaria-related-deaths in Africa also stated that the World Day Against Malaria was instituted by member countries of WHO in 2007 during its world assembly on health.

MNM believes that prevention of malaria and the fight against the disease warrants long term investment as well as permanent and renewed public policy engagement.

The MNM Programs Officer said conscious of the pride of place occupied by the young people in public health priority policies and programmes in Cameroon, they and their partners decided to organise the 5th edition of the campaign targeting the youths.