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Hunters Find Missing Plane In Bakossi Land 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The wreckage of a plane carrying an American, Bill Fitzpatrick, that disappeared mysteriously in the forest of Western Bakossi land on June 23, 2014,in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, has been discovered.

Bill’s skeleton and the rubble of his Cessna 172 one-seat plane was discovered on Friday, April 10, 2015, by three youngsters reported to be on a hunting expedition in the locality of Eboko Bajo in Tombel Subdivision.
The Post gathered that the youngsters stumbled on the wreckage some 10 hours into the heart of the forest from the village settlement of Bajo.

They are reported to have used their phone cameras to film the skeleton of the occupant.
Correspondent reports from Konye, which is closer to Bajothan it’s subdivisional headquarter of Tombel, hold that, when the boys returned to the village and broke the news, security elements in Konye rushed to the scene to confirm the information.

The report of the investigating officers issaid to have been forwarded to Yaounde,and they are waiting for directives.

Villagers Anxious For Compensation

In the wake of the discovery, there is growing anxiety among inhabitants of the neighbouring villages over who is going to benefit from any compensation. Correspondent reports state that the villagers are anticipating, based on a remark the wife of Bill made over the national station, CRTV,for compensation to anyone that will find the remains of her husband. Bill’s wife, Paula, reportedly visited Cameroon in 2014 in the wake of the news of the disappearance of her husband and his plane and spent many days,in vain.

Bill’s Last Movement

Bill Fitzpatrick, 59, was flying from Kano, Nigeria, to Douala, Cameroon.His final destination was to be Odzala-Kokoua National Park in Congo, which is managed by African Parks, a nonprofit group based in Johannesburg.
The Central African park, which consists mostly of rainforest, hosts gorilla researchers and tourists who join expeditions tracking the great apes.

The job of the former Peace Corps volunteer wasto scan the park’s many clearings for elephant carcasses from his cockpit and alert rangers who could intercept poachers escaping with ivory tusks.

Bill Fitzpatrick’s last contact with aviation authorities was on the night of June 22, 2014, when he gave his position and altitude to a control tower during a nighttime approach to coastal Cameroon.
Despite the mystery surrounding his demise, some expert observations suggest that Bill’s craft might have had difficulty with the thick clouds of the Bakossi Mountains.

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