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Hunters In Southwest Operating Illegally 

By Bouddih Adams

The Regional Delegate for Forestry and Wildlife, Grace Mbah, has stated that hunters in the Southwest are operating illegally without permits, since her Delegation has issued none.

Speaking recently during a visit by the representative of the German Chancellor in Africa to Cameroon, H.E Guenter Nooke, the Delegate said, though acquisition of hunting permits has been made simple and cheap, not even one has been acquired, while observing that hunting and bush meat trade are going on illegally.

The Delegate was presenting some of the projects run by her Ministry and funded by German cooperation instruments, to the visiting German Chancellor’s representative for Africa and the German Ambassador to Cameroon, Reinhard Buchholz and his coterie, including Cameroonian businessmen from Germany.

Grace Mbah, however, observed that poaching has reduced and is mostly only rodents and other Category ‘C’ animals which are not facing threats of extinction. She, all the same, remarked that poaching on Categories ‘A’ and ‘B’, which are protected species, has continued, albeit on a reduced scale.

Overview Of PSMNR-SWR

On the Programme for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Mbah recalled the 10 years of German Cooperation involvement through GTZ in the Southwest Region in the different sites: Mt. Cameroon, Korup and Takamanda.

She said in the area of conservation, the three projects had as objectives: nature conservation and protection; participatory management of natural resources and; sustainable utilisation of natural resources. She said evaluation revealed that the community development component of the projects was weak hence, living no impact on the villages around the project intervention areas.

The overall objective of the project, the Delegate stated, was to contribute towards the preservation of high-value ecosystems in the Southwest, notably in and around the Technical Operating Units, TOUs, for Mt. Cameroon Korup and Takamanda-Mone, thereby sustainably contributing to improved livelihoods of the surrounding communities. The purpose, she said, is sustainable forest and wildlife management by affected stakeholders in and around Mt. Cameroon Korup and Takamanda-Mone, for their benefit, with special emphasis on the poorer segments of the local populations.

Achievements & Appeal For Phase II

The results obtained, the Regional Delegate said, the TOUs for Mt. Cameroon Korup-Ndongere and Takamanda-Mone are functional; the Regional land use plans of TOUs are established; a pilot council forest has been approved and forest management units, FMUs, are professionally monitored; village development plans executed; management plans of protected areas executed, attained with partners or consultants.

For achievements, she said staff capacity has been built in priority areas; proper coordination of PSMNR-SW activities at TOU level attained; platforms for conflict management animated; land cover maps for Takamanda-Mone and Korup-Ndongere TOUs prepared; basic data relevant for Southwest Regional land use planning, SW RLUP, available for use.

Other achievements were the classification process for the creation of the Nguti Council Forest (12,000 hectares) completed; draft management plan for Nguti Council Forest elaborated; capacity of Nguti Council staff built on relevant areas; technical monitoring regularly carried out leading to improvement in the management of forest management units; functional data base elaborated to follow up FMU activities.

For community development, Mbah said 45 village development projects were prepared and implementation is going on, implementation of micro-projects going on in 48 villages; 53 km of farm-to-market roads opened, one concrete bridge, 21 wooden bridges, 70 culverts and eight water systems realised and four community forests are under programme support. The Delegate and her team appealed to the German Cooperation and authorities to support the second phase of the programme which should begin in July this year.

H.E Nooke had met the President Biya and PM Yang earlier, after which he announced the bestowal of a Cameroon of supplementary amount of 4 million Euros by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany to the government of Cameroon as additional funds to reinforce the health sector.

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