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HYSACAM Begins Cleaning Buea 

By Elvis Tah

The hygiene and sanitation company known as "Société Hygiène et Salubrité du Cameroun," HYSACAM, began cleaning the Buea Municipality after it signed a five-year contract with the Council Monday, September 20. Buea Mayor, Charles Mbella Moki, clinched the deal with HYSACAM General Manager, Michel Ngapanoun and the Buea Branch Manager, Yves Minka Honore, in a ceremony presided at by Southwest Governor, Koumpa Issa.

SW Governor, Mbella Moki, HYSACAM GM, sweeping the road

While presenting their strategy to give Buea a facelift, HYSACAM Buea Branch Manager presented a map of Buea and demonstrated the routes which HYSACAM garbage trucks will be using to get into the nooks and crannies of the municipality. He said HYSACAM has specialised equipments to remove waste matters at 30 experimental points in Buea. The experimental points, he said, will have 140 containers with the capacity of 770 litres and 30 trashcans of 9metres square each, placed at strategic positions.

Minka said HYSACAM is poised to offer door-to-door services, collecting refuse from individual waste bins, while carrying out a 26.5km of street sweeping and 30km of waste picking daily.
"The municipality has provided a disposal site, which is an isolated area at Mussaka where garbage collected will be deposited and treated.

"We are going to use excavators, compactor trucks of 4.5 tonnes per trip to do four trips of our daily door-to-door services, while two hook-loaders trucks will be used to get into the peripheries," he said. Minka assured the population that with a human resource of 70 employees already in Buea to operate as dustmen, sweepers and drivers; the town will have a new look in the days ahead. On his part, Governor Koumpa Issa said Buea is witnessing a great innovation of the city management in the collection and treatment of household wastes.

"Hygiene and sanitation is an important aspect in sustaining a healthy environment. I will like the workers of HYSACAM to be very committed, and there should be proper follow-up to ensure that the workers are doing their job properly. It doesn’t only suffice for people to rush to HYSACAM to get employed and earn a salary without working," Koumpa Issa cautioned.

He assured HYSACAM of his support, anticipating that HYSACAM will lead the fight against the entry of cholera in Buea. The Governor called on the population to maintain a good hygiene and sanitation and report any suspected case of cholera to the Delegation of Public Health.
The signing ceremony began with the pouring of libation by a host of Bakweri Chiefs at the Palace of the Paramount Chief of Buea, HRH EML Endeley. It ended with a tour of the municipality, which culminated in a symbolic sweeping of the road by the Governor, the Mayor and the HYSACAM General Manager.

By Tuesday, a day after the company started working, the local population had begun to have a feel of HYSACAM. Piles of age old refuse heaps had been disposed, while most locals pulled out refuse and placed by the side of the road for eventual disposal. Also, the coming of HYSACAM to the municipality was the focus of most gatherings in the town, with a general feeling of happiness about the impact it will have. "HYSACAM has started off well, Buea will soon get a new look," one Molyko denizen said excitedly in a group discussion.


At the end of the event, Mbella Moki told the press; "It is another landmark in city management of Buea. In the performance contract that we signed with HYSACAM, we intend to provide the best of services to our population and we needed expert management in the protection of our environment, cleaning of the town, and to respond to the demands of the millennium development goals.

"We are calling on our population to collaboration with us, because their usual collaborations have always aided our administration in the provision of basic services to the community.
"We intend to carry out sensitisation campaigns through the media, quarter heads, chiefs and opinion leaders in the community to ensure that the message of collaboration, paying particular attention to a global responsibility in keeping our environment clean and the management of garbage disposals should sink into the daily lives of every member of our community."

Chief David Molinge of Upper Muea lauded the initiative and implored HYSACAM to be very regular in the evacuation of refuse heaps because, according to him, if they don’t dispose of the refuse, each time they are piled, the garbage will constitute a nuisance to the communities.
A Buea inhabitant, Pascal Vefonge requested HYSACAM management to prioritise Buea indigenes in their recruitment of workers. 

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