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I am For Outright Independence Of Southern Cameroons – Njoh Litumbe 

By Bouddih Adams & T. Nduko

Njoh Litumbe:A pen is mightier than a gun

Mola Njoh Litumbe, one of Southern Cameroons’ statesmen, who just returned from the UN, following the Anglophone Crisis, has stated that he is for complete independence of Southern Cameroons.

Mola Njoh Litumbe made the declaration at his Membea House at Bokwaongo, Buea, while briefing The Post on the state of events on the Anglophone Struggle at the level of the United Nations Organisation.

The Post had accosted Mola Njoh Litumbe upon his return on mission on behalf of the Southern Cameroons to the United States, the United Nations, and Europe and based on the fact that the CPDM elite sent on an appeasement and fact-finding mission to Anglophone Regions had expressed the wish to meet him.

Apparently irked by the brutal killing of Southern Cameroonians by armed soldiers during their peaceful march, the nonagenarian told The Post: “The Biya Government has crossed the red line; they have proven beyond reasonable doubts that Southern Cameroonians can never live together in harmony with La Republique du Cameroon because.” According to him, they (Southern Cameroonians) have been reduced to something less than dogs; “that is why they were brutally killed for the simple reasons that they were exercising their fundamental human rights by marching with peace plants to ask for what rightfully belongs to them.”

The 91-year-old man quipped: “How do you dialogue and accept to live happily with somebody who takes delight in killing your family members. If you have a son and the son is wayward, you don’t kill him; rather, you punish him and take him back into the house. Nobody has the right to take away human lives when we have institutions that can legally try offenders to see if they are guilty of any crime,” Mola Njoh laments.

He was unequivocal that there has never been any agreement between former French Cameroun and the British Southern Cameroons at the UN. To him, what the then President Ahmadou Ahidjo did was annexation of the British Southern Cameroons, because, he immediately took over the territory from British administration after they left on the night of September 30, 1961.

In a vividly lucid state of mind, the first Chattered Accountant of Cameroon, who lived the era has an evergreen memory of the events during the days of yore, emphasised that in the build-up to independence, in the late 1950s and early 60s, the UN had asked the British and French Governments to sufficiently educate their colonies towards independence and officially grant the independence to indigenous people.

“Southern Cameroons had been sufficiently educated and prepared to graduate into full independence on October 1, 1961, but power was never handed over to them; instead, the British surreptitiously handed over the instrument of power over British Southern Cameroons overnight to President Ahmadou Ahidjo as a colonial territory to add to their own territory,” Mola Njoh explained.

He expressed regrets that, at the level of the UN, each time this matter comes up at the General Secretariat, some individuals with vested interest tend to gate-keep and prevent it from reaching the Secretary General.

“I told the Political Affairs Department in the UN that, to solve this issue, they need to invite La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons to the UN to get into an agreement, which will be put into writing, such that both parties come together as equal partners and that if both parties cannot agree, then, let them go their separate ways, because, what we have now is akin to an “Akwara” or “Njomba” kind of arrangement,” he maintained.

On the way forward for Southern Cameroons after the notorious September 22 and October 1 incidences, he said the only answer is independence.

“My position now, in the light of the massacre of Southern Cameroonians, is that La Republique has crossed the red line, so, we should proceed to have our own State.

We can have a Government in exile. Since La Republique is not opting for dialogue, they prefer to brutally kill our people in their numbers, it shows that they regard us as something less than a dog,” Mola Njoh insisted.