Thursday, November 15, 2018
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I Can’t Succumb To Pressure – SWELA Scribe 

By Maxcel Fokwen



Prince Daniel Nasako Molondo, Deputy Secretary General of the Southwest Elite Association, SWELA, has said he cannot succumb to pressure when it comes to issues and ideologies he holds in strong conviction.
The assistant SWELA scribe made the remarks in a chat with The Post on March 28, following allegations that he reversed a proposal made to Biya over his potential appointment as Kumba City Council Government Delegate due to pressure from higher quarters.

Nasako told The Post that, no body brought any pressure to bear on him amid the controversy regarding the signatories of the document.

He downplayed threats of court action against his person for forging signatures. He explained that most of those who are agitating were not even signatories to the document.
Revising the motion of support, Nasako said SWELA simply corrected a mistake that occurred during typing. He said the action was at the instance of the association and not as a result of fear from any quarters.

Talking about his native Barombi Mbo village, the administrative staff at the Southwest Governor’s Office, said his people have suffered marginalisation on all fronts, despite consistent support for the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM party.

He recounted that since the inception of the three Subdivisional Councils and the upgrading of Kumba to a City Council, no son or daughter of Barombi Mbo village has ever been employed or empowered by the local collectivities.

Nasako asked why people in certain areas should grumble when it comes to issues concerning the Barombis in Kumba. To him, there is nothing wrong with having a Barombi person at the helm of major development activities in the metropolis of Kumba.

According to Nasako, his community, which boasts of over 600 inhabitants, cannot be maginalised all the time and people expect him to maintain sealed lips.

To him, there is no reason why such a community should be without having even a Councillor to speak on its behalf at the basic level of decision-making.
The elite of Barombi Mbo vowed to keep pressing in the interest of his people. He explained that, though there are Barombis elsewhere, his main interest is for those Barombis who constitute a good number of the Kumba population.

On what becomes of the original motion of support sent to the Head Of State wherein he is proposed for the position of Government Delegate and not deputy Government Delegate as per the recent apology, the Meme SWELA boss said those concerned with the services where the letters have been dropped know what to do.

He also told The Post that those who are pissed off by the act need to understand that it was a proposal made by many persons in a meeting. The act, he said, should not be faulted. He denied leading the crusade for the proposal, stating that he too was just a participant at the meeting wherein the proposal was made.

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