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I Predicted The Anglophone Problem In 2008 – Hamadou Moustapha 

By Sylvester Atemnkeng

President of the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress, ANDP, Hamadou Moustapha

The President of the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress, ANDP, Hamadou Moustapha, says he was not a prophet of doom when he predicted the Anglophone in 2008 in Kumba, Southwest Region.

According to him, he had told Government that it “has the supreme duty to take care of all and without discrimination because the two Anglophone entities have specific problems, which required appropriate and urgent solutions.”

Hamadou Moustapha was speaking in Yaoundé, November 4, during the party’s convention.

Going by him, the bomb exploded when Common Law Lawyers took to the streets, boycotting court sessions and clamouring for a purely Anglo-Saxon Legal system.

“Teachers also joined the cue by abandoning classrooms thereby leaving children in the streets a few months to examinations”.

To him, crooked politicians took advantage of the situation and called for ghost towns, vandals also took advantage to stir up trouble by setting fire on public and private buildings.

“In short, chaos set in, evil-minded persons called for secession and the creation of an independent State in the Northwest and Southwest Regions called Ambazonia,” he said.

Hamadou Moustapha said the Government reacted by maintaining order and taking safeguard measures including dialogue with Anglophone Cameroonians of good faith.

“To politicians advocating for secession, Cameroon will not back track. Our country is one and indivisible and those who will try to divide it will also face the law.

But the problems of these two Anglophone Regions are many, complex and varied and require concrete and lasting solutions.

As such, we urge the President of the Republic to pursue dialogue with Anglophones of good faith to find ways and means of bringing back peace and serenity to the Anglophone Regions”, he added.
On the atrocities of Boko Haram, the politicians said, the sect has been hiding for several years under the name of Islam.

“In reality, this sect is more political because it has no concise Islamic Ideology. But its objective is clear. In Northeast Nigeria, South Niger, Southwest Chad and West of the Far North Region of Cameroon, Boko Haram has the same mission as its international backer, the Islamic State organisation to establish a caliphate as was the case in Iraq and Syria”, he explained.

Going by him, to achieve their goals, the sect terrorises everything on its way, assassinating and kidnapping the youths, rustling cattle and even Moslems.

“The President of the Republic, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces assumed and deployed a contingent of the defence forces there and today, the sect has been weakened.”

Regarding the Party’s activities, the ANDP President said if the party is holding a convention instead of a congress, it is lack of resources.

To him, it is time to seriously brainstorm on the ways and means of pooling the party’s resources to enable it discharge its mission with dignity.

“There is need for a deep reflection during this convention on this issue because we must not forget that 2018 and 2019 will be election years, which will require us substantial resources to present our lists in the various elections.

The elections are a litmus test for our party and remember after the final structures were established, our party was confirmed in Kumba in 2008 and it is quite natural that in Yaoundé, our meeting will be christened the “Convention of Growth” because these elections are an opportunity for us to mark our growth” he added .

At the end of the convention, the members resolved: to partake in Legislative, Senatorial, Regional and municipal elections and the repatriation of the mortal remains of President Amadou Ahidjo among others.

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